7/11 Forecast

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 July 11, 2010

Good morning Gorge sports fanatics!

The forecast this week is brought to you Hood River’s best sail repair shop, the maestros of the back room at 13 Oak Street. Arm yourself with the following phone number, because you might need it tomorrow; it’s going to be a nuclear force, sail-breaking kind of day! Give Olaf (aka Ovetchkin) a call at 806-3117 (HR area code) if you have any questions, or to arrange to drop off your sail after you or Mother Nature crushes it! Two of you are going to win $65 sail repair gift certificates this week, so get out there and break some gear!

There’s a nice solid deck of marine clouds stacked up west of Viento this morning and the 5am gradient was .12 from Portland to The Dalles. iWindsuf’s sensors were almost all down this morning, so today’s a good day to check out windonthewater.com As the desert heats up and Portland stays cloudy this morning, gradients will pick up a little. This morning brings 19-23 from Swell City to Mosier. By midday, the winds will blow in the 25-29 range from Viento, possibly even Stevenson, all the way out to Arlington. Strongest wind today should be at the Hatchery in the morning and Doug’s and Maryhill in the afternoon.

Standup for Cancer takes place at the Hood River Event Site today, so that beach is closed to launching by the general public today. There’s a 7 mile downwinder from Viento, a full-contact SUP race (my kind of fun!), and a 4×4 relay race (not related to MHM’s 4×4 ski pass in any way!) If you want to learn more about this event, or would like to donate to the cause, head to SUP4cancer.org.

Don’t overdo it today, whatever you’re up to, as tomorrow’s going to be a blasting windy day in the Gorge and you’ll need your arm strength. You may want to tie down your animals and small children tomorrow (and maybe your Smart Car, if you’re Denise) if this forecast holds. It’s not clear yet where the cloud line and strongest wind will end up. However, as a low pressure system swings through BC, we’ll see high temps drop from the 90’s today into the 70’s tomorrow, for 30-35mph through much of the Gorge.

Tuesday looks windy too – not as windy as tomorrow – but plenty of wind to get on the water and work out the soreness from your muscles.

If you’re up for a group bike ride tonight, Disco has a shop ride leaving around 5:15. Join the dusty, dirty shop employees for a dusty dirty ride followed by cool, refreshing beer (if you like beer, that is. I don’t!)…

Finally, today’s Jacoby update: As many of you have probably heard, Mike opened his eyes yesterday and is interacting in a limited way with his family and is moving around a lot. He is following commands to rotate his ankles and make gestures with his thumb, so things are looking up. Come on Mike!!!

Have a great day today!


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  1. Scotty |

    Hey Temira!

    Great forecast, I am stoked for some good breeze on my days off!

    Just an FYI, I had a guy contact me about our swap this next weekend and he mentioned that you had it posted for the 17th. The swap meet is the Sunday morning of the 18th.

    Keep up the good work!