7.10 Forecast

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 July 10, 2009

Good morning all my gorgeous gorge-y friends!

An upper level low does the disco dance off the Oregon Coast for the next couple of days, turning upper flow southerly and keeping Gorge winds, what little there will be, gusty. That southerly flow powers afternoon thunderstorms as well. This certainly isn’t the ideal setup for Gorge windsurfing.

So, today looks light, with southerly flow setting up minimal marine clouds in Portland. At best, we’ll see afternoon thermals in the 15-18 range, but I’d say that’s pretty unlikely.

Tomorrow looks light, with southerly flow firing thunderstorms through the Cascades. If you’re looking for non-wind entertainment Saturday morning, swing by Windance for a clinic with Francisco Goya. Wind permitting, tag along for free board and sail demos, and then, join Mr. Goya for a BBQ at Windance from 6 to 10. Also Saturday evening is the movie “Big” at Jackson Park in Hood River.

As the upper low slides east on Saturday night, Gorge westerlies team up with the thunderstorms. Don’t stay out too late, because Sunday looks windy. It’s hard to say this far out what the wind will do, but low pressure in the desert is generally a good thing for the Gorge.

Now, you mountain bikers, Mitchell at Dirty Fingers has a new twist on Falls Creek, turning it from a `17 mile ride to a 27 mile pleasure fest. Find the details under the mountain biking section of this website.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!