6pm 1/15 forecast

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 January 15, 2011

Good evening,

Apologies for the late forecast. Hopefully this is still helpful in some manner.

For the rest of the day, we will see heavy, steady rain. Winds will slowly increase from 15-25 to SW 30-40 by 8pm, increasing to WNW 40-50 by 11pm. I’d call shutdown, but I don’t think we’ll get hammered until the wind switches direction after we close. Snow level for the rest of the day will be at 10000’.

Tomorrow starts off with the snow level around 9-10000’, falling to 6000 feet by 7pm, falling further to 5000’ by midnight. We’ll see NW wind at 45-50 early, decreasing to W 35-45 by noon, increasing again to W 50 by 8pm. The likelihood of us losing all high speed quads tomorrow is high. Total precipitation tomorrow will be more than 3”, nearly all of it falling as rain.

By midnight tomorrow night we should see a transition to wet snow, but winds will continue to be an issue. Monday starts off with W wind at 30-40, increasing to W 40-50 by noon and switching to NW 30-40 by 8pm. The snow level will slowly rise on Monday from 4000’ early to 5000’ by 8pm. Total snow accumulation of 3-5” looks likely, with total water value of .5”.

Tuesday looks dry during the day, with precipitation starting after the resort closes for the day. The freezing level on Tuesday will be 6000’ early, dropping to 3000’ by midday. Winds will be NW 20-30 early, turning to @ 20-30 by midday.

Wednesday and Thursday look dry and possibly sunny.

That concludes your afternoon weather. Smile. I said smile. You grimaced. There… that’s better. Have a great night! =)