6/9 Gorge wind, events, and free snacks.

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 June 9, 2012

Good morning,

Sponsoring the report this week is a reluctant sponsor, Pine Street Bakery in Hood River. It’s not open yet, but it will be open, either June 12 or 13th. Why are they reluctant? “Temira, we want to have a soft opening,” they said. “No, I want you to be busy,” I said. “You have yummy things to sell, and they shouldn’t go to waste. Plus, you’re my favorite people, and I want to advertise for you.” They rolled their eyes at me and shook their heads and gave up. Pine Street Bakery, opening soon on 12th Street in the Heights.

I have to share a little story this morning: I was out last night, and a guy came up to me. “Temira, your forecasts are great. I used your snow forecast this winter, and it’s awesome, and it’s so accurate. Sorry I haven’t donated yet.” I say, “Hey thanks so much for using the forecast. You know, nobody pays me to do this, so if you can make a donation, it’d mean a lot to me. You know, if I saved you gas money ‘cuz you didn’t go on crappy days or whatever… ” He replies, “Yeah, I know, but money was tight this winter. After I bought a ski pass, and then bought new skis, well, I didn’t really have any money to make a donation.” True story. Please, guys, if you use this forecast all the time, if it makes your life better, if it saves you money, donate. $10 (or whatever you think it’s worth – 30% of people donate $20 or more) is a fraction of the cost of new skis, a pass, a few trips across the bridge, or a drive out to Rufus or Roosevelt. You can afford to make a donation and keep this website up and running. Thank you, and sorry for the rant.

As you might have noticed, it’s quite cloudy in Hood River this morning. That’s the leftovers from the exiting low pressure system. So, we all know what that means: good windsurfing and kiting is going to involve a drive today. Where to? Oh, it’ll probably be windiest at Maryhill and Doug’s today, with plenty of wind further east this afternoon. Call it 15-18 from Stevenson to Hood River, picking up to 21-24 as it starts to clear later. East of Mosier, 25-29 this morning, picking up to 28-32 after noon.

Tomorrow starts off strong, with 25-29 from Hood River to Maryhill, but high pressure building in will cause the wind to drop to 22-25 by mid-morning and hold for the rest of the day. Monday starts off light, picking up to 17-21 near Hood River in the afternoon.

There’s a ton going on today. It all starts off with a windsurfing work party at Doug’s Beach at 9am and windsurfing races at the Event Site at 8:30am. There’s a family fishing event at Spearfish Park in The Dalles. Also today, the White Salmon Riverfest and Symposium at Wet Planet in Husum and a famliy-friendly mountain bike campout tonight in Cascade Locks at the easyCLIMB trail. Also today, from 1-4pm, the grand opening celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Hood River Fire Station, with food and drinks and general merry-making with firefighters.

Then this evening, it’s the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Crit, in downtown Hood River starting at 4pm. Tomorrow is the Classic’s Three Summits Race, a sufferfest of climbing, where the pro men climb over 10,000 over Lake Branch, Vista Ridge, and Cooper Spur roads. Also tomorrow, you can join the suffering by riding the same course in the Tour de Hood group bike ride.

If you don’t want to watch the Crit tonight, swing by Big Winds for pupus and drinks and a slideshow by surfing legend Gerry Lopez.

Have an awesome day today!


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