6/29 Forecast

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 June 29, 2011

If you’ve been wondering why the wind has been light for the last several days, I can help you out with an explanation. First, we had Windfest over the weekend, and that’s a sure wind killer. We also had the Big Winds Big Loop contest going on starting the 22nd (running through today), and a contest is also a sure wind killer. So, today’s your last chance to get a video of yourself looping and post it on Big Winds’ FB page. I posted a video of the Mega Solstice instead.

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On a different topic, if you’ve been wondering why it’s still Junuary, you can relax, because summer arrives on Friday. In the meantime, we’ll see clouds (and a beautiful sunrise) in the western Gorge today. The wind will be 15-18 early through the Gorge, picking up to 23-26 briefly east of hood River, and then shifting out to Arlington and building to 26-29 as a front pushes across the Cascades.

Coming up tomorrow, we’ll see marine air in Portland in the morning, giving the desert a jump on heating. That should give us west wind in the 17-21 range early, picking up to 21-24 in the afternoon. The wind will be strongest near Hood River and lighter east of The Dalles.

High pressure builds over the Cascades on Friday, for very light wind in the morning and 10-15 in the afternoon. Saturday looks light and hot, with a high near 80, but the westerlies should return on Sunday.

Tonight is the girls-only mountain bike ride leaving Dirty Fingers Bike Repair at 5:30pm, and seriously, all women mountain bikers are welcome for this totally not competitive ride. If you want competition, show up tomorrow night for the uber-manly Post and Pint, also leaving the shop at 5:30. Tonight is also the Kayak Shed’s shop paddle, leaving me in a bit of a quandary… ride tonight at a reasonable pace with the girls and miss out on paddling, or be humiliated by the uber-fast crowd tomorrow night on the boys’ ride?

Coming up on Friday, it’s July 1st, and sure, that means it’s First Friday in Hood River. But far more interesting is the fact that it’s the first day of the Rainbow Gathering at Skookum Meadows north of Carson. The Rainbow Gathering is an 8-day hippie festival attracting up to 30,000 people, so make plans to go check it out. Come on… 30,000 people in a no-money week-long forest gathering has to be cool… welcome home…

Have an awesome day today!


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  1. Greg Vos |

    Time to change the photo’s on the website to summer photo’s. The shot of the Gorge covered in snow, beautiful that is, I find depressing as the winter was long and hard and do not need a daily reminder of it every time I check your great forecast.

    • Temira |

      Really? Look Greg, I spend a lot of time putting together this free forecast for you (for which you haven’t made a donation to show your support). I’m sorry if you find the beautiful photo depressing, but I don’t happen to have a zillion beautiful photos sitting around to choose from. Also, I don’t have unlimited time to devote to this website. Please take your negative energy and comments elsewhere. I am sure NOAA, the Hood River News, Rediviva, and all the other sources I use for my information (which comes neatly bundled in one short post) will be happy to hear your comments about their websites. Have a nice day. I hope your life becomes happier.

  2. Alyce Pearce |

    This is one of my favorites by you! Love it! I annoyingly have ultimate tonight which conflicts with BOTH fun events tonight…next time! Thanks for the chuckles!