6.28 Forecast

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 June 28, 2009

Good morning everyone. I was up all night being tormented by my neighbor’s blasting televisions. Earplugs. Not good enough. Pillow over the head plus earplugs. Still could hear it. Blanket over the top. Still. Grrrrrrr. Anyway….

First off today, some congratulations go out to the super D winners. Adam Craig took the pro mens and Sara Johnson took the pro womens. But more importantly, local division winners include Tyler Horton, Michael Keeps, Colton Swearingen, Malcom McCurdy, Kelly Nokes and Jill Crimmons, who actually had the fastest time of all the women! Way to go Jill!

Second, there’s a CGWA swap meet at the Expo Center today. Third, don’t forget about Windfest, where $5 gets you equipment demos and free group windsurfing lessons.

Speaking of winds stuff, today’s going to be just like yesterday, only windier. If only we could say that every day. By the end of the summer it’d be 3.0 or better every day. Seriously, though, a weak front is making its way across Oregon this morning, and that’s making the wind blow. With early gradients at .12 and P-town suffering the marine deck blues, the corridor gives us wind today. It’s 17-21 early and 23-26 by midday. The marine deck will likely disintegrate by midday, for a midday lull. Watch for the evening mid-twenties rebound at Mosier and Doug’s.

A 15-18 start Monday morning gives way to mid twenties Monday afternoon.

I dont’ think I’m supposed to tell people to leave the Gorge, but you really should hit the coast the next few days. Listen: 25+ from Seaside South for the next three days. 9 feet today, 10 feet tomorrow, 7 feet Tuesday.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!