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 June 27, 2011

Windsurfers, remember that the Big Winds Big Loop contest is on through Wednesday. Get a video of yourself throwing a forward or back loop and post it to Big Winds Facebook Page and you could win some great prizes. For the rest of you, check out the Big Winds facebook page for those videos.

Today’s not going to be the day to make videos, as we’ll have light wind all day today with a chance of west 5-10 late this afternoon. It looks like we’ll get some rain late in the day today, hopefully enough to refresh the mountain bike trails. They’re getting pretty dusty. If we don’t get enough rain for the Post refresh, we should get enough on the 44 trails, as they’re higher up.

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Tomorrow looks a little better wind-wise, even though it’s not a classic Gorge setup. There’ll be low pressure off the coast and low pressure in the desert, so we’ll see clouds and rain, but we’ll see west wind too. We should have a quick build to 17-20, building to 22-25 tomorrow afternoon with the strongest wind between Mosier and Maryhill.

On Wednesday, the wind will be a bit stronger as the low pressure moves away from the coast, leaving us with a system parked in the desert.. We’ll see 20-23 in the morning from Hood River eastward, picking up tot 24-27 from Rowena eastward in the afternoon.

On Tuesday night, if the weather permits, you can head to the Event Site in Hood River for the free Big Winds Ladies’ standup paddle night. That starts at 5:30. Also on Tuesday is the free Hood River Triathlon night at 6pm at the east end of the event site. Wednesday brings both the Kayak Shed’s shop paddle and the Dirty Fingers Bike Repair Post and Pinot ride. I’m finding Wednesday to be pretty tough, because I want to paddle and I want to go on the shop ride. I wish there were two of me. But then again, one Temira is probably plenty.

Have an awesome day today!


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