6/23 Forecast

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 June 23, 2011

Well, I slept in again this morning trying to recover from the Solstice, and guess what? It’s really windy. The gradients are .09/.12/.27 and the low clouds are past Hood River. Normally I’d tell you to skip the Hatch with this setup, but it’s blowing in the mid-twenties there now. It’s also in the mid-thirties at Arlington. So where should you go today? Well, I think we’ll see the strongest, steadiest wind at Rowena/Doug’s/Lyle/Mosier (26-30). Although it’s 34 at Arlington now, I think it’s going to back off into the 24-28 range. As for the Corridor, well, 23-26 unless the clouds burn back a bit.

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Coming up tomorrow, we’ll see a light start, with westerlies in the 10-15 range. By midday, the wind from Hood River eastward goes to 17-20, picking up to 23-26 later in the afternoon. On Saturday, west winds blow in the 17-20 range from Stevenson eastward.

Coming up either Saturday or Sunday, it’s the windsurfing blowout, where a hundred or so sailors race downwind from Stevenson to Hood River. There’s also a standup paddle race from Viento to Hood River. Check out vmgevents.com for more information. Speaking of events, Windsurfing Mag has a forward loop contest going on. Biggest loop caught on video wins.

This weekend is Windfest at the Hood River Event Site, where you can check out all sorts of new gear, get some free lessons, and hear some great music.

If you’re a mountain biker remember that the upper part of Mitchell Ridge trail is closed due to logging, but there’s a bypass if you ride down Post Canyon Road. I flagged the bypass trail with small sticks with small pieces of yellow survey tape last night, as there are lots of intersections. Dirt bikers, Post Canyon Road is closed about 1.5 miles up the dirt part, so Post Flats staging area is inaccessible from below.

Finally, tonight is the Post and Pint bike ride out of Dirty Fingers Bike Repair. Meet at the shop at 5:30. Ride the trail, and then drink Mitchell’s beer. Just don’t ride Mitchell’s Ellsworth bike, or you’ll want one.

Have an awesome day today!


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