6/21 Gorge wind and events

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 June 21, 2012

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Columbia Center for the Arts, on June 27th, presents the cycling film Rising from Ashes, a feature length documentary about the first Rwandan National Cycling Team and their six year journey to the Olympic Games in London. It’s not about the bike. It’s about second chances, how our past doesn’t have to define our future, and the triumph of the human spirit over one of the world’s most devastating genocides. The story is told by Forrest Whitaker and follows Team Rwanda. Producer, director and Editor T.C. Johnstone will be on hand to talk about the film. The team’s top rider Adrien Niyonshuti rode in the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic and will be riding in the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. There will be a reception in the lobby at 7:00. with the film beginning at 7:30.

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The wind will start out light this morning, and then pick up out of the west this afternoon. By mid-afternoon, we’ll see 23-26 at Stevenson and gusty 19-23 from Hood River to The Dalles. The wind will pick up overnight tonight, getting quite strong by tomorrow morning. There are a couple of things affecting the wind tomorrow: first, the location of an offshore low pressure system and second, the amount of clouds inland. That said, wind in the 28-32 range looks good to go for tomorrow, somewhere in the Gorge, but most likely not right at Hood River. Also, it’s looking like the strongest wind tomorrow will be before 2pm, so get it early if you like it strong. After 2pm, it’s going to back off into the 22-25 range. Some of you may like that better!

It looks like the westerlies will keep going on Saturday, with 21-24 likely. Sunday starts off light, but picks up to 21-24 in the late afternoon.

In the fun and free category tonight, the Gorge Kayak School, in the Nichols Boat Basin, has free standup paddle demos and lessons from 6 to 8. Also tonight, a slow-paced road bike ride leaves Discover Bikes at 5pm, the definitely not slow-paced Post and Pint ride leaves Dirty Fingers at 5:30, and the Triathlon Club, also not-slow, goes running at Post Canyon at 6pm.

Coming up this weekend; fun times at Hood River Community Ed on Saturday with a tour of county forestland with Doug Thiesies, everyone’s favorite forest manager. Preregistration is required, and it’s $15, but I think you’ll find the cost and time well worth it if you have any questions about how the county manages the tree farm. Also this weekend, Beacon Rock trail maintenance, Sternwheeler days, with real live mountain men, and Smudgepot playing at the Sawtooth on Saturday night. How one is supposed to get back to Hood River after partying at Sawtooth, I’m not sure, but we’ll all figure that out after the show.

Have an awesome day today!