6/18 Gorge Wind and Events

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 June 18, 2012

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Today’s forecast: The eastern Gorge definitely had some blowing garbage cans yesterday, just as predicted, with 40+ mph gusts on the river driving freightcar sized swell trains past Arlington. Today looks like a carbon copy of yesterday: same cold front moving through in the morning, same high pressure building off the coast in the afternoon, same strong wind in the eastern Gorge. The only difference today is more moisture in the system, so it’s raining in Hood River. As for the wind, expect 18-23 everywhere this morning, picking up to 30-35 from Biggs eastward this afternoon. The western Gorge will see gusty 21-24 this afternoon.

If you want the strongest, biggest, baddest session, it’ll be a repeat at Arlington today..

Tomorrow brings lighter wind as high pressure starts building into Oregon and Washington. We’ll have 22-25 through the whole Gorge in the morning, backing to 17-21 in the eastern Gorge in the afternoon. Wednesday starts off light, possibly light easterly, with the wind picking up to 17-19 in the afternoon.

Looking ahead to next weekend, it’s the Oregon Enduro series race two in Ashland. On the educational side of things, there’s a forest tour through Hood River Community Ed, where you can join the forest manager for a tour and a talk about how the county manages the competing needs of forestry, wildlife and recreation. The forest manager’s a cool and very informed guy who loves what he does, and this is going to be a good chance to learn a lot, so I’m giving it a big thumbs up. You must register ahead of time for this event.

Coming up tonight, free Tai Chi kicks off at Wilson Park in Hood River. The class is open to everyone, even total beginners, so swing by and check it out, starting at 6pm.

Have an awesome day today!