6/18 Forecast

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 June 18, 2011

There’s a lot going on today, so I’ll start with the events. The White Salmon Backyard Half Marathon is today, and if you’re participating, please donate, as the run benefits the local cross country team. Also, many thanks to the Kreps family for letting the run happen again this year.

But wait, before we get to the rest of the forecast. I received email this morning with the following subject line, no text in the body of the email: “Temira get up and give me my forecast. You can’t party that hard and run such a sweet website.” Well, this person (who hasn’t donated to support this service), thanks for the backhanded compliment. For the rest of you, please understand that I do this voluntarily, supported only by your donations. It’s just not going to come out before 7:59am every day, summer and winter, because, once in a while, I might be out kayaking the Klickitat until 9pm with friends, and I might want to sleep in. Hassling me ain’t going to get you the forecast any earlier. And by the way, I’m not much of a party animal. Believe it or not, I don’t like the taste of beer, and If I have more than one drink, I’m wasted, and I wander around telling everyone that. It’s pretty obnoxious, and yet another good reason for me not to drink on a regular basis.

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Starting at 9, there’s a work party in Post Canyon to finish the new cross-country trail, Mobius, and starting at 10, and running until 3pm, there are free Specialized mountain bike demos at the bottom of Post Canyon Road. Also starting at 10am, you can do the Master Gardeners Garden tour, and going on all day today and tomorrow at the Hood River Marina, there’s the Cabrina kiteboarding race series.

If you don’t have plans tonight, swing by the British Pub in Hood River for the Summer Kickoff Boombox party brought to you by 2nd Wind Sports. Also tonight, it’s the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, where 15,000 people or so will ride around in Carnival-themed birthday suits.

Today will be windy, if you were wondering, but rain might make it gusty. We should see 17-20 this morning through the whole Gorge, picking up to 24-27 east of The Dalles late in the day.

Tomorrow looks windy too. We’ll have 21-24 from Mosier to Rowena early, filling back in near Hood River in the afternoon, and picking up to 23-26 from Maryhill to Arlingon.

Coming up on Monday, the wind will be light in the morning, picking up to 17-20 or so in the afternoon.

Have an awesome day today!


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