6/17 Gorge wind and events. Sorry. No pig roast today.

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 June 17, 2012

Good morning,

Henni’s Kitchen and Bar is this week’s sponsor. In Washington? Hungry? Henni’s is here for you 7 days a week from 5pm-close. Chef Christiaan Erasmus earned his stars at many delicious restaurants, including Abruzzo in Hood River and Portland’s Fratelli. He’s moved on from Italian, to your benefit. At Henni’s, you’ll find curries, burgers, delicious pasta, and all sorts of mouth-watering small plates. Prices are quite reasonable, and the drinks are delicious. Like Henni’s on Facebook and know about the daily mixed drink specials. More importantly, Henni’s gives back to the community: Christiaan, a newly-minted citizen of the USA, put together the pig roast for the White Salmon Pool. Talk about giving back to your community… Henni’s supports White Salmon – you go support Henni’s!

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Today’s forecast: First, thanks to everyone who supported the White Salmon pool last night at the pig roast, and congrats to all the runners who finished the White Salmon Backyard Half yesterday. I saw a lot of people limping around Rheingarten Park barefoot. Does that mean the Backyard Half is extra hard?

In the wind forecast today, take a look at NOAA’s forecast for Arlington. They’ve issued the blowing dust warning, which goes way past blowing garbage cans and clothes blowing off the line. At least, I think it does. I also think it would be more amusing if NOAA had a sense of humor and put up an image of a blowing garbage can rather than an image of blowing dust. Anyway give the cold front till 10 or 11 to finish crossing the Cascades. After that, you can expect west wind at 21-24 from Stevenson to Mosier, with westerlies picking up to 28-32 east of Mosier, all the way out to Arlington. Strongest wind today: Rowena/Doug’s/Maryhill. If you’re windsurfing or kiting in the crazy wind today, think about wearing a helmet and riding with a partner.

Coming up tomorrow, we’ll have more west wind. 21-24 starts the day east of Hood River, with afternoon wind rising to 28-32, with the strongest wind tomorrow at Maryhill and Arlington, despite the fact that NOAA didn’t mention any blowing objects for tomorrow.

West wind continues on Tuesday, in the mid-twenties or so. If you want to try some gear on Tuesday, or for the rest of the week for that matter, the Hot Sails Maui Demo guy will be here, with tons of this year’s sails and masts for you to try for free. Stay tuned for more details on the where and how.

Coming up tomorrow, free Tai Chi kicks off at Wilson Park in Hood River. The class is open to everyone, even total beginners, so swing by and check it out, starting at 6pm.

Have an awesome day today!