6/16 forecast

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 June 16, 2011

We have another windy day lined up, We’ll see 13-15 early near Hood River, followed by a quick build to the 17-20 range from Stevenson to Hood River (it’s already in the upper teens at Swell). With the gradient already at .09 and lots of clouds in Portland, we’ll probably see 23-26 at the Hatch by mid-morning. And then, as a weak system pushes in late, the wind at Stevenson will pick up to 25-28, the Corridor will see a brief upper twenties period, and then Arlington will see 26-30.

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Tomorrow looks lighter, as low pressure off the coast and a weak ridge inland weaken the gradients. The wind will be 17-20 from Hood River to Moiser in the morning, picking up to 22-25 from Stevenson to Rowena in the afternoon.

On Saturday, the wind starts off light, but high pressure builds at the coast mid-morning, and the wind quickly picks up to 21-24 by midday. In the afternoon, a system pushes in, sending the wind at Arlington and Stevenson into the 27-30 range.

Coming up on Saturday, there are about a zillion things going on: the free White Salmon backyard half marathon happens in the morning. It’s free, except they are accepting donations to the White Salmon Cross-Country team (Just so you know, when I was a kid, government paid for schools, not kids and the local community doing fundraisers for every school group. But big government is bad, right? Right.). Also on Saturday, there’s a work party in Post Canyon to finish Doug Van Zandt’s new cross-country bike trail, Mobius. Going on Saturday all day, it’s the Master Gardeners’ Garden Tour. In kiteboarding world, Saturday and Sunday brings the Cabrinha race series to the Hood River Marina. And finally, if all that doesn’t tire you out, Saturday night at the British Pub in Hood River, it’s the summer kickoff boombox party brought to you by 2nd Wind sports and Team Airush…