6/10 Gorge wind and events

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 June 10, 2012

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Sponsoring the report this week is a reluctant sponsor, Pine Street Bakery in Hood River. It’s not open yet, but it will be open, either June 12 or 13th. Why are they reluctant? “Temira, we want to have a soft opening,” they said. “No, I want you to be busy,” I said. “You have yummy things to sell, and they shouldn’t go to waste. Plus, you’re my favorite people, and I want to advertise for you.” They rolled their eyes at me and shook their heads and gave up. Pine Street Bakery, opening soon on 12th Street in the Heights.

Well, NOAA’s 4/3 weather model is finally showing a weakness: it’s overpredicting the wind by a large margin this morning. We do have a great setup: high pressure off the coast and low pressure in the desert, combined with low clouds in Portland. However, those clouds aren’t widespread, and they are forecast to burn off today rather quickly. So, we’re seeing widespread 15-20 this morning. I think we’ll see a slight increase today: 22-25 from Hood River to Doug’s filling in to Stevenson late, is as strong as it’ll get. East of The Dalles, 18-23 today.

Tomorrow starts off light, picking up to 10-15 in the afternoon. Tuesday starts with 10-15, picking up to 21-24. Wednesday looks windier than Tuesday.

Today’s just for fun stuff includes the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Three Summits race in the Parkdale area, with all the riders suffering their way up multiple big hill climbs. Also today, mere mortals (like you, unless your name is Kosmo or Tom Morgan) suffer over the same course, a lot slower (or maybe not slower), in the Tour de Hood supported bike ride, brought to you by the Classic’s organizers.

If that’s too much biking for you, or too much pavement, there’s a work party in Cascade Locks on the EasyCLIMB trail this morning. That work party runs from 9am to noon, and you’ll definitely want to have your bike so you can ride afterward. There’s another work party this morning, this one at the mouth of the White Salmon River. Show up at 10am with your waders and gloves, and you’ll have a chance to replant native plants in all the silt that’s settled just north of highway 14. That one actually sounds like fun, but I’m headed to Parkdale today to do the Three Summits race… in a chase car. Perhaps a ride up Lake Branch will be in order after all that sitting!

Heads up for next weekend, it’s the Backyard Half Marathon in White Salmon (a fundraiser for the high school XC team), followed by a huge pig roast fundraiser for the White Salmon Pool, brought to you by Henni’s. The pig, guys, the pig is brought to you by Henni’s, not the pool. And don’t get me started on why we have to have huge fundraisers for the local high school cross country team and the town pool. Just show up at both fundraisers and open your wallet!

Have an awesome day today!


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