5/9 Forecast. Got a small kite or sail? You’ll need it.

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 May 9, 2012

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Good morning,

Dynamic weather systems are really cool… in the winter. In the summer, they can make predicting the wind really tough. As predicted yesterday, it got very windy in Stevenson, but then it never filled in anywhere else. The system causing the trouble is out of the picture now, and the gradient is at .18. It’s clear skies outside my window, and that means it’s a Corridor day today (complete with dawn patrol).

24-27 this morning at the Hatchery picks up briefly to 27-31 mid-morning, with less in Hood River, but still plenty of wind from Hood River out to The Dalles. East of there, expect 17-21. Models suggest the wind will back off this afternoon, but I think we’ll see mid-twenties all day.

High pressure starts building across the Cascades tomorrow, but we’ll still have west wind at 15-18+ early in the morning, fading a bit in the afternoon and switching to east wind late in the day.

On Friday and Saturday we’ll have east wind and heat.

On a more general note, I’ve been watching how the overall weather pattern affects Gorge wind. The last three summers have been La Nina times two and El Nino times one. The wind has been less than stellar from a windsurfing perspective (it’s been a lot better for kiters and slalom sailors). Our final option is an ENSO neutral year, like we have now. If El Nino isn’t great and La Nina isn’t either, then maybe the neutral year will be the epic one!

Tonight’s the busy night this week. There’s the Kayak Shed’s shop paddle on the Lower and Middle White Salmon. There’s Richard Hallman’s slide show on Oregon Surfing at Dog River this evening, with proceeds benefiting the Hood River Waterfront Park. Also tonight, it’s your chance to voice your opinion at the Hood River County Planning Commission’s Barrett Park meeting.

Coming up Saturday, it’s your chance to see Cliff Mass, author of the coolest book ever, the Weather of the Pacific Northwest. Sure, it’s in Portland at OMSI, but it’s going to be worth the drive. And, if enough of us show, maybe he’ll come out here and give us a talk on Gorge weather. Closer to home, there’s a CGORA dirt bike ride on Saturday and free SUP demos on Sunday for moms. And heat. Warm weather. And bike riding. Lots of road biking.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Girls Who Love Dirt had a great showing yesterday. Along with County guys and Rick Higgins from CGORA and token man Jeff Blackman, they put in the 133-140 connector trail in upper Post. It’s not a long trail, but it allows you to link some good riding without ever hitting the road. The trail, according to County guy Douglas, should be open this afternoon.

Have an awesome day today!


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