5/7 Forecast

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 May 7, 2011

Good morning,

It’s the weekend, and the weather’s not so great this morning, so that means it’s time to head to the mountains where bad weather makes things more fun. How’s that for a positive attitude?

Meadows and Timberline both have a couple inches of new snow this morning. The temperature up there is right around freezing, but the snow level is supposed to drop today, so the snow quality should get better. The mountains will see a couple inches of snow today and a couple more inches tonight, and the snow level will be at 2500’ by tomorrow morning, so it should be a decent day of riding tomorrow.

If you’d rather be in the river, even though it’s 51 degrees in the Columbia right now, you can look forward to gusty west wind today. It will blow in the 17-20 range in the eastern gorge from midday on or so.

Tomorrow looks a little windier, with 17-20 early in the day in the eastern Gorge, filling back in from Rowena out to Roosevelt in the 22-25 range in the afternoon.

Monday looks like a better day for windsurfing and kiting as high pressure sets up off the coast and low pressure holds in the desert. We should see 17-20 early in the morning from Hood River eastward, quickly building to 25-28 in the afternoon from Mosier to Maryhill.

Finally, if you’re looking for events, there’s an indoor library cleanup party this morning in Hood River to remove the dust and cobwebs, and there’s the ever-popular Mother’s Day St. Helens climb tomorrow, where men dress up in dresses. It’s your last chance to climb without one of those pesky permits.

Erin and Jeff, I’ll see you tonight. =)

Have an awesome day today!