5/7 Forecast and Jefferson’s service

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 May 7, 2010

Good morning!

If you’d like to go windsurfing today, best conditions will be on the North Coast. That’s not exactly the Gorge, but who cares, because there’s at 3 foot SW swell at 14 seconds with 20-25 knots. If you can find a protected spot like Oswald West or Pacific City, the surf is going to be awesome too! If you’re sticking around here, light easterlies are the call today, with 16-19 in Stevenson and at Rooster.

Westerlies return tomorrow afternoon with 17-21 in the Corridor. Sunday looks light.

The mountain biking is excellent right now. Post is good, Nestor is good, hospital is good, but cow-affected, which means no dogs are allowed at this time. The Whoopdee trail (thank you, SDS) and the East Ridge trail are also in perfect riding shape.

With the light winds and warmer temperatures over the weekend, the road biking should be fantastic too. NOAA’s calling for it to be around 70 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, so it’s going to be shorts and t-shirt riding weather.

Finally, if you’d like to say goodbye to Jeff Young, there is a service for him at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Hood River today at 4pm. Also, if you’d like to say a virtual goodbye or see some pictures of him, or leave some words for his daughter, here’s his Facebook memorial page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Friends-of-Jeff-Jefferson Young/117174624979689?ref=ts

That’s it for today. Remember, listen to your life, because all moments are key… have a great day today!