5/6 Gorge events and wind forecast.

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 May 6, 2012

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Good morning,

First off, it’s the last day of ski season at Meadows. Clear skies overnight allowed the snow to set up last night, so there should be a few hours of good skiing today. Bring your bbq, and make a tailgate party in the parking lot after the snow gets sticky, and you’ll have a good day. Don’t forget an extra sausage for your intrepid forecaster, who will likely be at the bottom of Mt. Hood Express counting to 4. (I’m not smart enough to work in accounting, where they count to 10, but I’m too smart for IT, where they only work in 1’s and 0’s.)

In other news, the Dog River Enduro race continues today as does the Oregon Trail Rally. If you want to see rally driving, check out oregontrailrally.com for the spectators’ guide. It takes a while to download, but it will tell you where to go to watch the racing and the service stations. And remember, rumor has it that the big party is tonight at the Shilo Inn in The Dalles. These guys (and gals) are pro athletes, so not only are they at the top of their game in the car, they’re going to be at the top of the game in the bar.

In the wind forecast, we’ll have east wind at 10-15 near Stevenson and Rooster Rock today with light wind in the rest of the Gorge. East winds pick up a bit tomorrow into the 21-24 range, with 5-10 in the rest of the Gorge. Tuesday starts off light, but an approaching weather system in the afternoon swings the wind around to the west. It’s not really clear yet how strong the wind will be Tuesday afternoon. Probably mid twenties. Models are consistently showing a very windy day in the Corridor on Wednesday, starting off with dawn patrol in the upper twenties.

If you want to take advantage of the light wind today, Big Winds has free standup paddle demos at the Event Site from 10-4. Anyone is welcome to try it out, even if you’re not one of those wind Johnnies. Damned wind Johnnies.

Have an awesome day today!


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