5/5 Gorge wind, Mt. Hood nukin’ wind, and events

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 May 5, 2013

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Good morning,

Today’s the last day of ski season at Meadows, your last chance to use your season pass before the lifts are gone for the season. However, I’m sitting in my office listening to the radio chatter, and MHX and Cascade are both on wind standby at this time, with gusts nearing 80mph at the top of Cascade. I’ll tell you what, though: the east-wind-driven cloud rolling over the top of Mt. Hood and down the other side is beautiful.

It’ll be windy on the Columbia too. We’ll see easterlies build to 30-35 at Stevenson and Rooster Rock by mid-morning, with easterlies building to 5-15 in the rest of the Gorge by midday. Tomorrow starts with east wind at 18-23 at Stevenson, fading in the afternoon, with light wind everywhere in the Gorge by late afternoon. West wind returns on Tuesday, with 23-26, probably centered on Hood River, and likely filling in to Maryhill and Stevenson in the afternoon.

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In random weather news, there’s a decent chance of thunder and lightning on Monday afternoon, which will likely result in a beautiful sunset and quite possibly a gorgeous sunrise Tuesday.

In events today, there’s the Oregon Trail Rally in the Dufur area, there’s pickup touch rugby in Mosier at 3pm, and there’s Giro d’Italia bike racing on the big screen at Dirty Fingers at 5pm. Coming up tomorrow, there’s a no-drop, all-paces road bike ride meeting at the Walgreens parking lot in Hood River at 5:30 for a mellow ride around the Hood River Valley.

Have an awesome day today!