5/4 Forecast (is it really May? there’s powder!)

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 May 4, 2010

Good morning!

Please, people, wear helmets when you’re windsurfing in nuclear force winds.

The snow level is down around 2,000 feet, and it was snowing in Parkdale last night ( I have no idea if there’s snow on the ground up there now) so that means powder on Mt. Hood. I say powder because yesterday was employee ski day at Meadows, and although the snow was sludge at 9:15am, by 11am it was falling as powder, and there were a few powder turns at the top of Mt. Hood Express.

If you’re headed to Timberline, here’s the report: it’s 19 degrees, with 10” of new snow and moderate wind. If you’d like to backcountry ski, NWAC has issued an avalanche forecast for today due to significant snow accumulation and windloading. So, the skiing’s going to be great, but be careful if you’re in the backcountry!

I’m trashed from windsurfing yesterday, but if you’re not exhausted from windsurfing or kiting in yesterday’s nuclear winds, you’ll get a chance for lighter conditions today. It’s blowing in the twenties in the desert now, but it’ll back off to 17-22 from The Dalles eastward today, with gusty conditions in the Corridor. Tomorrow starts of with light wind, and then afternoon westerlies build into the low to mid twenties from Stevenson down to Doug’s.

Speaking of yesterday, it was one of the windiest days I’ve ever sailed. Victor the Inflictor and were about ¼ mile upwind of the launch on our 3.2’s when the wind turned on. Neither of us thought we were going to be able to get back downwind… I could have been on a 2.5, or even something smaller! May we please have more days like that this summer, preferably when I’m in windsurfing shape, not skiing shape!

Anyway, moving on, The Dalles Wastewater plant hasn’t cleared Doug’s, Rowena and Lyle from the E. Coli warning list. However, river water samples tested negative for e. coli, meaning concentrations are in the undetectable level, so sail that section of river at your own risk.

In biking world, there’s not much that’s rideable after yesterday’s rain. If you’re desperate, you could try the Deschutes River trail or possibly Tower of Power, but that’s about it. I’m thinking Post and Pint will not happen on Thursday. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. The Pint and Pint is a poor substitute for bike riding, at least in my book!

If you’re a boater, the rivers are up. The Hood’s at 4.9ft, the White Salmon’s at 4.5, and the Little white’s at 831 cfs.

That’s it for today. Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!