5/31 Gorge wind (yes, wind!), Mt. Hood XC skiing, lots of events, n’ stuff.

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 May 31, 2013

Thank you for using this forecast! Your donations keep this forecast going – despite rumors to the contrary, nobody pays me to write this and post it. This forecast started as a way for me to find better windsurfing conditions. It morphed into a way for me to find better skiing in the winter. Seemed silly to keep that information to myself, so it’s here for you (almost) every day. Make a $12 or larger donation, and you’re on the email list for a year. No dealing with the twice-yearly pledge drive. Sometimes I even have prizes to give away from the email list sponsors. Thank you again for your support! Enjoy the snow and wind and sun!

Good morning,

There’s a new thing going in the Gorge: Wind not right to surf or kite? Stand up paddle and do it right! New Gorge Non-profit Club– the Gorge SUPer Club, Inc. is now offering season memberships for families and adults. Variety of boards brought to the *Site of the Day* each day starting June 21. No more lugging your gear around. Let the SUP Club do the work! All equipment provided for one low membership fee. No rentals. Members only. For complete details, email the SUP club or phone 541-8zero6-26one2.

For a moment I thought it was raining again this morning, despite all the blue in the sky. But no, it was just the sprinkler system here at the condos. Note to self: turn sprinkler system off temporarily. The weather will stay dry today, with sunshine. The wind will be fairly uncooperative. We have a .04 gradient this morning and some low clouds in the Gorge. That’s good. High pressure off Cali. Good. Still, don’t expect much more than a slow build to 15-18 today, at best, with 13-15 more likely. The clouds should burn back, leaving the Hatchery, Hood River and Mosier with the strongest wind, with a late bump near Lyle.

Tomorrow starts off dead calm. As a low pressure system approaches the coast midday, pushing clouds into the Gorge, the gradient will pick up, and so will the wind. After 2pm, we’ll see gusty 17-21, starting at Stevenson and filling in all the way to Arlington. Strongest, steadiest wind will be at Stevenson.

The low moves inland overnight, dragging lots of clouds with it. High pressure fills in off the coast, setting up a CLASSIC GORGE DAY on Sunday. Expect dawn patrol at 25-29, likely at Doug’s/Lyle, but possibly at Mosier and Maryhill. The rest of the day brings 27-32 from [wherever the clouds line ends up] to Arlington, with the strongest wind likely to be at Doug’s and Maryhill with a little less further east.

Sunday and Monday also look great at the coast: 25+ at Florence, increasing to 40+ at Pistol, with less the further north you go and a 7′ swell to boot. Yeah, definitely a good couple days at the coast.

The Clymb: free membership. Cheap gear. Temira approves. Click to join.

I know skiing is the furthest thing from your mind. Well, Meadows is still thinking about it, and they’re open for Nordic skiing at the main lodge both Saturday and Sunday (hey, I just found out last night) from 7am-2pm. It’s $10, and there’s a clinic with Sam Cordell for $20. Sam’s awesome. Take his clinic just because he’s awesome.

Cleaning out your garage is probably higher up your list, right? If you’ve got sporting gear or musical instruments to get rid of, swing by Whitson Elementary School in White Salmon this evening between 4:30 and 6 and drop it off. Consignment rates at this swap are better than you’ll find anywhere else in town, and proceeds benefit Henkle Middle School. The swap meet itself is tomorrow from noon ’til 3pm.

Tomorrow is National Trails Day. Show up for “Jimmy T and Me” work party on the 44 Road Trails. Meet at Little John tomorrow at 9am, go work for a few hours and then swing by Dirty Fingers from 3-6 for a 44 Trails Fundraiser party. Speaking of the 44 Road trails, rumor (unconfirmed, and I’m not calling it confirmed until I ride) has it everything except Gunsight/Gumjuwac is open, and those, technically, aren’t 44 Road trails, so all that stuff is open. Only solution? Ride it all in one day to make sure! Anyone want to join? No? I didn’t think so.

Also tomorrow, at 2pm, it’s the grand opening of the White Salmon Bike Park, where you can see a real, live ribbon-cutting ceremony, get some free riding lessons, and get a free bike tuneup courtesy of Discover Bikes.

Finally, one last thing: You guys are missing out by not doing the Short Track Series in Cascade Locks. It’s so, so, so much fun. If you’re in good riding shape, you’re in good enough shape for Cat 3. Next week, folks!

Have an awesome day today!