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 May 3, 2010

It is one crazy day up on Mt. Hood this morning. Meadows is closed, which is probably just fine, because it’s stormy as all getup there this morning. Well, actually, it’s employee ski day, and us poor employees will be riding Blue in a blizzard! That blizzard thing… it’s happening at Timberline too. It rained until 4am on Mt. Hood, but it’s snowing and blowing there now: 32 degrees, 1/2 inch of new, and wind gusts to 70.

Those are the kind of wind speeds we like to see on the river, and it’s going to be w-i-n-d-y out there this afternoon. This is frontal wind, so it’ll be gusty, but the upper low crossing southern BC will keep winds going for hours. Head east to Arlington or Threemile for the steadiest, strongest wind in the 35-plus range. In the western Gorge, under the clouds, we’ll have gusty low twenties, maybe a lot more at Doug’s. It’s a day for the windsurfers, not fishing. Be careful out there!

We’ll see high pressure rebuild at the coast tomorrow. That combines with a trough crossing the Northwest for another round of west winds through the Gorge. At this point, low twenties seem reasonable tomorrow.

The mountain biking was all perfect yesterday, but now it’s raining, and it’s time to give the trails a rest. Post is definitely no go after the quarter inch of rain that fell last night.

Boaters, your rivers are about to come up, but for now, the Hood’s at 4ft, the white salmon’s at 3.9 feet, and the little white’s at 672.

Have a great day!


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