5/27 Gorge wind, Mt. Hood almost-snow, and, well, at least we’re not going to have to water our gardens today!

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 May 27, 2013

Temira skipped the swap meet. Help her clear out her bedroom buy buying her extra gear. Click through for bigger photos. Forecast is below.

2009 Mistral Red Dot 69L w/fin $300. Scratches and dings, yes. Delams, no. Solid, fun board.

2010 Hot Sail Maui 4.0 Fire used less than 10x $135

2009 Hot Sail Maui 3.0 Fire $100 + 310cm skinny carbon mast $225

Size M Gath low-profile helmet w/visor $40

Size M Gath Helmet $30

Hot Sails Maui seat harness size M/L $40

Hot Sails Maui wave seat M/L $40

2012 Ion Wetsuits 3/2 spring suit $60. Barely used.

Good morning,

Wow. The blob on the radar is impressive this morning: lots and lots of green covering the entire area covered by the dual-pole Doppler radar’s reach. It’s spring, for sure, although the radar image looks like a wintry Pineapple Express, minus the palm trees and 60 degree temps. 49 degrees down here. 33 at Timberline. Not quite cold enough for a powder day, too wet to ride… must be a day to bake rhubarb pie!

The low pressure driving this wet weather will keep the wind fairly light today – we’ll see light wind all morning, picking up to gusty west wind at 13-15 this afternoon from Stevenson to The Dalles, filling in all the way to Arlington late. Tomorrow looks partly cloudy with a few showers, with gusty west wind at 17-21 east of Mosier and 13-15 west of Mosier early, picking up to gusty 22-25 in the afternoon.

The Clymb: free membership. Cheap gear. Temira approves. Click to join.

Wednesday brings another round of rain, but the troublesome low pressure system will finally move east, giving us stronger west wind in the mid to upper twenties late in the day, and then on Thursday, we’ll see sunnier weather steadier westerlies in the mid-twenties.

If you want to play tonight, join the casual Ride Around the Gorge road ride – meet at Walgreens in Hood River at 5:30.

Bookmark this email to keep track of this upcoming weekend’s events: Saturday is National Trails Day, so if you can, make plans to spend the day working on trails with one of the local organizations. Ranger Jimmy T has a work party on Saturday on the 44 Road Trails, followed by a 44 Trails Fundraiser at Dirty Fingers from 3-6. The White Salmon Bike Park has its grand opening ribbon cutting the same day.

There’s a big gear swap next weekend benefiting Henkle Middle School – drop off gear Friday night and shop on Saturday. On Sunday, there’s windsurfing racing and the Gorgeous Gals Ride, benefiting HAVEN – Help Against Violent Encounters Now. http://www.haventhedalles.org/

Have an awesome day today!



  1. Keith Castilloux D. C. |

    Interested in your seat harnesses how can I reach you?

    • Temira |

      twomirrors at gmail.