5/27 forecast. Yeah, that’s not a very creative title, I know.

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 May 27, 2010

Good morning!

I’m trying to get a job, kinda. Please vote for me: If you have a chance to go to youtube.com/hydroexperience and vote thumbs-up for my video, that would be super helpful. Go to the link, click on vote, use the drop-down menu to select Hood River, and click search. At this time, my vid is labeled medium.mv4… it’s supposed to say “voteTemira” but it’s not updating. Anyway, if you could click on the green thumbs-up, that would be great! And… if you can forward this message on to as many people as possible, that would also be great. You can vote once per day. So, vote early, vote often, and vote… TEMIRA!!!

Today’s going to be a bit of a wacky weather day as a low pressure system moves down from BC into the Washington desert. We’ll definitely see some wind on the Columbia today, but there’s a really good chance thunderstorms will move in and end the windsurfing and kiting early.

Models suggest winds in the 26-30 range this afternoon, steadiest from Doug’s to Arlington. From Stevenson to Mosier, winds will be gustier and lighter, topping out in the low twenties. Now, all that I just said goes in the trash can if thunder and lightning start, cuz the wind will just shut off.

Tomorrow brings more stable weather, as high pressure fills in from the coast. We’ll have to wait and see where the cloud line ends up, but dawn patrol and 27-31 or more (maybe a lot, lot more at Arlington/Threemile/The Wall) all day long from the Hatchery to Arlington looks pretty likely. I guess I’d better break out my 3.2 … again …

Saturday looks windy (low twenties) but Sunday does not (sunny).

And speaking of the weekend, make plans now to attend the Windance-Ocean Rodeo demos at the Hood River Sandbar Saturday and Sunday, and make sure you attend the party down there on Saturday night with live music and free beverages! On Sunday, there’s a fundraiser – http://bit.ly/brxNCN – for Helping Hands at the Compound, 1221 Eugene. Spruce Baugher and Sunderland are playing, and food and wine will be provided. So, open up your wallets for a good cause: HelpingHandsOregon.com, and open up your hearts to make it a good party.

Finally, if you’re a mountain biker wanting to ride the Dirty Fingers Super D shuttle today, give the shop a call. It’s weather-dependant and mud-dependant after yesterday’s rain. And speaking of mud, Mitchell says it’s too muddy to ride Surveyor’s right now. I say it’s perfecct on the-trail-that-shall-not-be-named.

Have an awesome day today!


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