5/25 Gorge wind and events

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 May 25, 2012

Good morning,

It’s time for you to learn to kiteboard. Ok, maybe you already kiteboard, but now it’s time for your friends to kiteboard. If you’re going to do it, do it with the best: Cascade Kiteboarding. All on-water lessons are one-on-one classes, the instructors use radio helmets rather than hollering over the wind, and top-of-the-line gear makes it easy and safe for you to learn. Radio helmets + one-on-one instruction + jet skis = fast progression and sooner kiteboarding radness for you!
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The wind forecast is a bit tricky today, with a low pressure system in Idaho kicking clouds and possibly some thunderstorms back toward the Gorge. The models have never handled this setup well, and even the newest, latest, greatest, bestest model from the UW predicts north wind at 28-32 today. You can play along as forecaster today and know that’s not going to happen!

My best guess today is 15-18 in the western Gorge with 21-24 in the eastern Gorge with similar wind strength tomorrow. But then again, I could be totally wrong, and it could blow really hard, as there’s strong high pressure off the coast and a deep low pressure system in Idaho. That’s quite a synoptic-scale gradient, but it’s just not showing up through the Gorge. Tomorrow looks like a carbon copy of today, so same thing.

Then on Sunday, we’ll see steadier west wind return as the weather pattern becomes more normal. Coming up tomorrow for you windsurfers and kiters, there’s a joint work party at Rowena from 9am-1pm. CGKA and CGWA have adopted Rowena park through Oregon’s Adopt-a-park program, and they need your help. Be there, and help make the park a better place.

I totally forgot about boating safety week yesterday – it was wind and waves day, but living here, you know all about that. Today is emergency locator beacon day, but boat people have some fancy name for those devices. Anyway NOAA recommends you carry one while you’re out on the water. I recommend you carry one while in Post Canyon so HRFD can find you if you crash.

For you mountain bikers, tonight is a meet and greet happy hour with the International Mountain Biking Association’s trail care crew. Join them from 7pm on at Dirty Fingers. Or just go to the big DF at happy hour and hang out, because what’s better than bikes and cheap beer? Coming up tomorrow, IMBA teaches a free trail building school. If you’re interested, show up at the Mt. Hood Town Hall at 9am for the classroom portion. That’s followed by real trail building at the bottom of Oakridge Trail from 1 to 4.

For today’s trail conditions, Mother Nature brings you a muddy mess in Post Canyon. Let the wind blow across the dirt to dry it out this morning, and it should be a lot better by afternoon.

Have an awesome day today!


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