5/23 Gorge wind, Mt. Hood snow, and really, truly ridiculously cold weather for this time of year!

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 May 23, 2013

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This morning’s amusing ad:

The Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy
Really Temira, seriously? You’re advertising a bike? A random bike we’ve never heard of? A freakin’ hardtail? Yes, I am, and I’m doing it because I love this bike. So does Jason Wells, who built GP for you. This bike is the Post Canyon destroyer. Slack head tube for descending.29″ wheels for rolling over stuff. Very, very, very short chainstays for fast responding bike action that’ll make you giggle. And yell. And scream. I slay the Gorge on this bike. You should too.Contact sean@canfieldbrothers.com for more info. We’ll have a demo day in late June. Stay tuned.


This has been a pretty impressive cold weather system so far: Timberline had 13” of new snow in the last 24 hours, and they’ll likely see another 5-8” in the next 24 hours with the snow level around 4500′ this morning and 5500′ this afternoon. The snow level tomorrow will be 4000′ early and 6000′ later, giving T-Line another 3-6”.

The Clymb: free membership. Cheap gear. Temira approves. Click to join.

This means you can forget about riding your bike off the 44 Road, you can forget about Lolo Pass and Vista Ridge and 44 itself, and you can bet there’s some snow at Kingsley too. Oh well. Your legs needed a break from riding, right? Or you wanted to ride the EasyCLIMB in Cascade Locks at the race tonight, right?

Speaking of biking and mud and snow, Dirty Fingers is on the fence about running the Enduro preview shuttle tonight. Shuttle or no shuttle, there’s still beer drinking, $5 food, and socializing at the shop this evening. The Prom is still on for Saturday. 5pm. Dress up.

In wind news, we have low pressure off the coast, which isn’t really conducive to strong wind in the Gorge. This setup will stick around for a couple more days. We’ll see west wind at 15-18 today, possibly picking up briefly, for an hour or two, to 24-28 this afternoon, first in the western Gorge and then moving east beach by beach. Chase it if you like. Tomrorow starts with west wind at 10-15, picking up to gusty 23-26 east of The Dalles later in the day. Saturday starts with light wind, becoming west at gusty 23-26 in the afternoon east of Mosier. Another low pressure system approaches Sunday, for another round of gusty west wind in the upper teens to low twenties.

Have an awesome day today!