5/23 Gorge wind and events report

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 May 23, 2012

Good morning,
Rain. When I wake up and it’s raining and 48 degrees, I just want to stay in bed with the large purple monkey and a book. Or at least go to the coffee shop and have a pastry and a cup of coffee that I didn’t brew myself.

The cool, showery weather continues today, but it will start to break up this afternoon as a weather system does its crossing-the-Cascades thing. We’ll have 21-24 near Hood River with 28-32+ east of Mosier by midday today (or maybe early afternoon – the wind sure came in late yesterday). Tomorrow morning looks light, with west wind at 5-10 or less, but by afternoon, it’ll pick up to 19-23 from Hood River to The Dalles. The setup for Friday is a bit weird, but it does look quite windy, and same goes for Saturday. For you wave people, the coast looks quite windy on Friday.

Coming up on Thursday, it’s Hood River Tum-a-lum’s 100th birthday party. What? That’s recreation. It’s as local as it gets, so stop by and take the nice staff a nice present of some delicious baked goods! Coming up Saturday, it’s the party for those of you who work weekdays, with face painting, a bbq, and all sorts of family-friendly stuff going on.

In the sports world, the Post and Pinot ladies mountain bike ride leaves Dirty Fingers at 5:30 tonight, and then tomorrow night, it’s the first Post and Pint ride of the season. Boys and girls are welcome, but the girls ride like boys, so be ready. For the mellow riders out there, a recovery road ride leaves Discover Bikes at 5pm on Thursday. Nobody gets dropped, nobody gets left behind, and everyone has fun on that one.

If you’re not busy tonight, the IMBA crew presents Better Living Through Trails at the Hood River Fire Station at 6:30. Come learn about how trails benefit the community, and what we can do to get more people involved in our trail system. Coming up Saturday, free trail building school – visit hrats.org for more information.

Speaking of biking, I was riding Post yesterday before the worst of the rain hit (or the best, if you’re a forestry guy), and it was already muddy. I’d say it’s probably no-go today due to mud. Oh, and a reminder: NO DOGS ON HOSPITAL HILL until the cows are gone. This is not a joke. This means you and your dog, even if your dog is cute/friendly/nice to cows/old/just a puppy/wouldn’t hurt a fly. The landowners are very nice to let us use their private land, and could revoke that privilege at any time if they choose. All they ask is you LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME when the cows are out on the property. Please spread the word. Thank you. I like riding Hospital Hill, and I’d like to keep riding it.

One last thing: last night I put together stoplight-style trail updates for all local trails and for Post Canyon. Hope that helps y’all out.

Have an awesome day today!


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