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 May 23, 2011

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Good morning,

It’s was a lovely morning to sleep in. It’s not quite windy yet, it’s sunny, and now I’m out drinking coffee. The gradients are at .08 and .03 now, and they’re going to pick up today as a low pressure system moves east. So, we’ll see 17-21 from Hood River to Rowena this morning. Then we’ll see clouds pick up in the western Gorge and the wind shift to Rowena to Arlington in the 24-27 range this afternoon and evening.

Tomorrow starts off with strong west wind in the eastern Gorge, probably 25-28, with 16-19 in the western Gorge. As high pressure builds inland during the day and low pressure pushes towards the coast, the wind will fade and shift back to the central gorge, dropping to 17-20 in the afternoon.

A strong system will hit the PNW on Wednesday, bringing .25-.5” of rain and a complete lack of wind in the morning followed by a chance of strong wind in the afternoon, depending on the timing.

Coming up later this week, it’s the Super D, so if you’re riding Post, be prepared for practicing downhillers. To celebrate, the Post and Pint on Thursday has become the free Super D shuttle, with shuttle service provided by Hermosa Tour, HR’s shuttle service. Also on Thursday, and on Friday, Ellsworth will be providing free demo bikes in Post Canyon. Coming up Saturday night, it’s the Super D party at Double Mountain, with slopestyle biking in the street.

In trail news, Surveyor’s is clear of snow up to the horse camp with two trees down (confirmed), there’s a rumor (from Mr. Lee Greenwald) that Falls Creek is good to go, and yes, you can ride Lewis River.


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  1. Chris |

    Dog River is a joke, not much snow but down trees all over the place, it’s 45 minutes/mile instead of 45 minutes/lap.