5/23 forecast. Dang nice sunrise today.

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 May 23, 2010

Good morning Gorge sports fanatics!

First thing this morning is a request about Hospital Hill from one of the local bike shops. Hospital Hill is a great trail, and then landowners are great people for letting us use it. All they ask is that you leave your dog at home when the cows are out.

Yes, that means you with the cute puppy, and that means you with the old dog that wouldn’t harm a fly. The cows are out right now, so please do not bring your dogs to hospital hill. The Kreps are incredibly generous people to let you use their land, so please respect their wishes and leave your dog at home.

Current trail conditions: The Whoopdee Trail that shall not be named is in perfect riding shape, at least through the whoops. Post was a muddy disaster two days ago, but I’m not sure how it was yesterday. Muddy, I’d guess. If you ride today and want to let me know, that would be great. Syncline is in great shape. Lewis River is now open. Surveyor’s from Pine Mont up at least 7.5 miles is great. Ape Canyon = totally closed due to snow for now. =( Watch for morels, wherever you go!

Now, on to wind sports. Before you hit the water today, make sure to stop at Windance for the multi-sport swap meet (free coffee from CGWA). After that, you have permission to go to the Big Winds Beach bash at the Event Site (free demos of all sorts). It’s not going to be a huge day on the water, but we’ll see 17-20 east of the Corridor pretty much all day today. In the corridor, we’ll see gusty single digits to low teens.

Tomorrow and Tuesday both look light, as low pressure at the coast matches with low pressure in the desert for near-zero gradient across the Gorge.

Boaters, according to Wet Planet, the Wind’s at 5.2 feet, the White Salmon’s at 3.75 feet and the Hood River’s at 4.1 feet. I’m going down the White Salmon with them today. Yippee… what a nice, warm, sunny, lovely day for a raft trip. Yeah…

Other things going on today include a race through the Twin Tunnels to support the Mosier School and a Columbia Gorge Off Road Association work party up on Kingsley road.

That’s it for today. Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!


  1. Dave Nunn from Windance |

    Kite Demo next weekend & a Beach Party too

    Ocean Rodeo & Windance are doing a demos noon to 5pm. at the sandbar May 29th & 30th
    Beach Party is after kiting at the Kite-Beach parking lot Saturday from 6-9pm with music and beverages

    go to http://www.windance.com for more info

    Temira I lost your email, please email me and I will send you more info.

    Daev Nunn

  2. MacRae Wylde |

    I wanted to let you know about an ongoing race series here in the gorge. The Gorge Cup has been going for more than 20 years and seen some of the worlds best sailors attend. Many people know of or have heard of it but this year we are trying to get more folks to come out and try racing. There is a sport fleet the anyone can enter and does not require special equipment. This year there will be a big push to run slalom races at every gorge cup, wind permitting. That means anyone can come out and do some fast turns on what ever gear you have. Come learn something new, see how fast you can go, and sail with some of the fastest sailors in the gorge. Gorge Cup races are fun filled days on the beach, that include snacks, beverages, and an end of the day raffle. We are looking for sailors of all ages and abilities. This year the freestyle boys are committed to race slalom with us. Come see how Tyson, Rob, Wyatt, Brian, and Casey fare against Bruce and the Boys. Did I mention the women’s fleet? We are looking for more women, we have several rising stars in the junior fleet, and I know that there are some really fast women out there who are just looking for a chance to show up all the men. The next race is June 5th at the Event Site. Skippers meetings are generally at 10:00 Check out VMGevents.com for all the info. Thanks, MacRae