5/2 Forecast

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 May 2, 2010

Good morning!

First off, the ski report. At Meadows, it’s partly cloudy, 25 degrees with two inches of new. Over at T-line, it’s 26 degrees, with 1 inch of new. Both resorts have moderate wind. If you’re looking for powder, clear your schedule for Tuesday at T-line, because we’re going to see quite a bit of snow Monday into Tuesday. Today is Mazotfest at Meadows… Double Mountain beer and a fundraising party for the avalanche dogs of the Pro Patrol.

Meadows is closed from Monday through Friday this week, but Monday is employee ski day. Don’t try and poach it, because they will be checking passes. =) It’s probably not a good day to hike within the resort (not that you would every do that) either, as you’ll get kicked out. And… it’s either going to be pouring rain and blowing really hard or dumping snow and blowing really hard, with limited visibility and increasing avalanche danger.

Hopefully you got some of the river wind the last few days. I’m so bummed I missed yesterday… was anyone at Arlington? I want a report! Today’s going to be a little lighter, as we’re between systems. Even so, we’re starting off with at 9 gradient in the west and another 10 out east. That’s make for 16-19 this morning from the Corridor to Arlington, building this afternoon to 24-28 from Hood River eastward. Don’t forget about the e.coli closures at Lyle, Rowena and Doug’s!

A very strong cold front moves in tomorrow, and that’s going to make things exciting on the river. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning for specifics (mostly because I have no idea exactly what’s going to happen), but it’s going to be quite windy, likely at Arlington, but possibly closer to home. Westerlies continue on Tuesday…

In biking world, things are drying out a bit, especially towards the east. Eastside Ridge trail and Tower of Power are actually a bit dry, as is the trail that shall not be named (thank you Mark and Steve), and Syncline is beautiful, as always, if you can handle the wind. The Fluidride Enduro finishes up at Dog River today, so it’s public domain again tomorrow, and should be in excellent shape.

Don’t forget that tonight is the Banff film festival at Andrew’s… see you there?

Have a great day today!



  1. Olaf Kowalik |

    Hi Temira. What’s up with the e.coli closures? Any on-line sources to get a status update? Hoping to get in the water tomorrow and don’t want to end up in toxic soup. Thanks!

    • Larry |

      Olaf, the e-coli closure was last year at this time. You’re looking at the May 2nd, 2010 post by Temira. Feel free to dive in, the water’s fine (or as fine as it ever gets).

  2. sischo |

    Temira i was out at the big A on sat, solid 4.2 with good swell. a little gusty but not bad.
    Rick and i were the only two guys out from 1:00 to 4:30 (sick), then two more people showed
    Have a good one Sischo