5/2 Forecast

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 May 2, 2011

Good morning,

That’s pretty much it for the snow report this year. Timberline is still open midweek, but Skibowl is done running lifts for the season, with the exception of the rope-tow served terrain park, and Meadows is closed until Saturday. If you still want to ski, you’ll have to hit the backcountry (and please be careful out there), as Meadows and Skibowl are not allowing people to ski their closed slopes.

That means it’s time to switch sports. To help you with that, there’s going to be wind today. No, really. I know the river’s glassy now, but the wind will pick up later. A cold front pushes through sometime this morning. Although the wind is very light now, it will be blowing gusty 16-19 near Hood River mid-morning, picking up to very gusty 23-26 by noon, with the steadiest wind at Rowena and Roosevelt. There will be a brief spurt of 25-29 this afternoon, but it’s not going to last long.

Tomorrow puts us in a post-frontal pattern with a cool, partly cloudy day. The wind near Hood River will be in the 14-18 range, with 17-21 from Rowena east to Maryhill. It looks like we’ll see light wind Wednesday. If you are a wavesailer who’s not afraid to travel a long ways, remember that the American Windsurf Tour Waddel Creek event starts tomorrow.

In other news, Post Canyon is dry enough to ride now and is in great shape. With only a few sprinkles forecasted for this week, and 70 degrees by Wednesday, Post should stay rideable all week long.

Have a great day today!