5/18 Gorge wind, mountain snow, incoming rain, and other stuff

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 May 18, 2013

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This morning’s amusing ad:

The Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy
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Happy Victoria Day weekend to all you Canucks. And happy ‘party with Canadians’ time to the rest of you!

It looks like it’s going to be a good long weekend for the wind sport crowd. We’ll see westerlies at 13-15 this morning through the whole Gorge under cloudy sky. As a cold front moves in – and by the way, it’s headed this way with a narrow band of very heavy rain and scattered lightning – we’ll see the wind pick up to gusty 22-25, maybe a touch more. That should happen by noon or early afternoon.

Tomorrow looks plenty windy too, as high pressure off the coast combines with low pressure in the desert for west wind at 24-28 by mid-morning, holding through the afternoon, with the strongest wind probably centered from Rowena to Maryhill. Monday looks pretty light, as low pressure off the coast equalizes pressures across the Cascades. A very strong, unseasonable low pressure system blasts across the Cascades on Tuesday, setting up very, very strong wind for a short period of time late in the day.

In “it’s f***ing cold” news, the snow level will be around 5000′-5500′ today, rising a bit the next two days, and falling back below 5000′ at some point Tuesday. In rain news, we’ll see a few showers today, dry weather tomorrow, and then more rain starting late in the day on Tuesday, probably continuing through early Thursday, which is great news for both mountain bikers and gardeners.

If you’re looking for something to do, there’s the Gorge Cup windsurfing races at Hood River’s Event Site, there’s the Carson to Stevenson race for you runners, and there’s a fast-paced road bike ride leaving Ground Coffee at 9am. Then tomorrow, there’s that CGWA multi-sport swap meet at Windance, pickup rugby in mosier at 3pm and pickup Ultimate Frisbee at the Hood River marina at 4pm.

Most importantly, and that’s why I saved it for last where you won’t see it, the Hood River Area Trail Stewards have a trail work party in Post Canyon today. Meet at Family Man at 8:30. There will be raffle prizes n’ stuff. Come donate a few hours of your time to your trails (and to your County, because they really need the matching hours for grants).

Have an awesome day today!