5/10 Forecast

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 May 10, 2010

Good morning!

Believe it or not, it’s snowing again in the mountains this morning.. If you like lift-serve skiing, Meadows is closed til Saturday, so you’re headed to Timberline, where it’s 28 degrees with 1 inch of new snow and 10-20 mph wind. They should get a few more inches of snow today, making for good skiing by afternoon. I was hoping we were going to end up with 6-8” of new, but now it’s looking like we’ll get 3-4 instead. Awwwww…..

On the river today, it was blowing in the upper twenties at 5am at Arlington as a front moved east, but that will be short-lived. Winds die quickly, dropping to the 10-15 range through the entire Gorge until mid-afternoon, when an upper low crosses Oregon. At that point, winds pick up to 23-27 from Doug’s to Arlington, with gusty 16-19 under the clouds from Stevenson to Mosier. If you haven’t heard, the E.coli advisory has been lifted, so you can sail at Rowena, Doug’s, and Lyle with no more danger than the usual pollution dangers of the Columbia River.

Tomorrow sees high pressure rebuild at the coast for stronger, steadier wind in our neck of the woods. Gvien the amount of clouds today, the steadiest wind will probably be at Doug’s, Rowena and Lyle tomorrow, but that’s just a guess at this point. I think we’ll see low twenties early, (yes, that’s Dawn Patrol), picking up to 26-30, possibly 30+, by midday. If we get lucky, winds will back up to the Hathcery and Corridor tomorrow. I say “lucky” because I like sailing the Corridor best. =) If you’re headed to the
hatch, one lane is open on SR14 between the bridge and the Hatch today and tomorrow.

In bike land, it’s muddy out there again, due to last night’s rain. If the rain backs off, you can join the Alternative Ride out of Mountain View cycles. No spandex, no clipless pedals. Bring lights, a helmet, and your appetite, because you’re headed to the Thirsty Woman for dinner.

That’s it for today. Have an awesome day today. I’m going to paint the bathroom today… I swear… unless I can find other projects to do instead….