5/10 Forecast

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 May 10, 2011

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Good morning,

Well… Sometimes the previous day’s models don’t reflect what will happen during the next day. The gradient this morning is .13, and with only limited clouds above Hood River, it’s going to be a very lovely day in the corridor, once again. Models are suggesting the wind will fade away to nothing by afternoon, but I just don’t see that happening given what’s going on in the real world. I think we’ll see a quick build to 24-26 in the Corridor today, with 21-24 at Rowena, Doug’s and Mosier this afternoon.

Tomorrow looks light in the morning as weak high pressure straddles the Cascades. A cold front approaches in the afternoon. When that happens, we’ll quickly go from 0-25 in Stevenson and in the Corridor. Then the Corridor will fade and get gusty and the wind will shift to Arlington, where we’ll see 24-27. It will blow at Rowena, Doug’s, etc, but it’s going to be pretty darn gusty and in the 21-24 range.

After the front passes tomorrow night, a large upper level low sets up off the coast leaving us with light wind in the Gorge.

In other news, Post is a muddy disaster, so give it one more day. And if you are in Post, please, please stay off the first section of trail and spread the word to other users. We’re trying to build good relations with the landowner. Consider the first section of trail closed, and consider the G-out closed (the section after the power line clearing on Mitchell Ridge). Please! (That’s a request from your local bike shop)

Finally, speaking of biking, Charley LaVenture trail day is Sunday, there’s a CGORA work party on Sunday as well, and on Saturday night, there’s a fundraiser at the Hood River Library.

Have a great day today!


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