4/8 Forecast

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 April 8, 2010

Good morning!

I took three days off from the snowphone, and this morning I returned to find… a blizzard! Yippee!

It’s absolutely dumping snow on Mt. Hood… snowing two inches per hour. If that doesn’t get you excited, perhaps the drive up will. There’s limited visibility on the roads and snow everywhere. I think the drive alone sounds like fun. In addition, all that snow is sitting in the parking lot, so if your car is tiny like mine, you’re likely to get stuck (like I did last time ODOT didn’t plow).

If you’re looking to escape the storm at Skibowl, you’ll have to wait until tonight. They’re open from 3-10pm for powder skiing and nacho eating. Meadows and T-line are open to serve your powder needs during the day today.

The snow continues for most of today, with total snowfall of a foot, maybe a bit more. Get the powder today, because conditions clear up after today for sunshine on the slopes Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you’d like to go windsurfing or kiting, today would be a great day to head to the desert early. Gradients were .17 and .14 early (I believe that’s the first gradient report of the season), meaning Arlington and The Wall are good choices today. I’m not sure where the cloud line will end up, but Doug’s might be a possibility as well. Expect strong wind in the 30+ range today, and expect the wind to die early this afternoon.

Next chance for windsurfing/kiting is Saturday, when east winds in the 30+ range combine with mild temperatures for a fun day at Stevenson and Rooster. Next chance for snow? Unknown. Next chance to mountain bike? Unknown. Trails are too wet to ride. Please leave them alone.

Have a great day today!