4/8 Forecast

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 April 8, 2011

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Good morning!

The forecast has been promising sunshine on Mt. Hood all week, and now, with some solid NE winds blowing, there are orographic snow flurries up there. Generally we end up with flurries mixed with sunshine, so it’s still going to be a nice day on the hill, and the limited cloud cover should help protect the snow. Even so, we’ll see the freezing level spike to near 4000’ or higher in the afternoon as sies clear. Winds will be NE 20-30 early, swinging around to the NW in the afternoon. Total preicp will be less than .1” WV for just a trace of new.

Tomorrow starts off clear and cold with NW wind at 25-35+ early, going to WNW 20-30 by 2pm. It should be clear in the morning unless the NW winds give us orographic flurries mixed with sunbreaks. The freezing level will be at 2000’, rising to 4000’ by afternoon. Clouds from the next system will start moving in around 2pm.

The forecast is looking better for Sunday, temperature-wise. The freezing level will be at 3000’ early, rising to 5000’ by 4pm, and then plumetting to 500-1000’ by Monday morning. Snow starts falling around 8am, moderate through noon, backing off until 4pm, and then dumping all night. We’ll see about .3” in the morning and another .7” WV overnight, for 3” of snow during the day and 8-10” overnight. Winds on Sunday will be SW 25-30 early rising to SW 45-50 in the afternoon.

Monday looks like a good day for powder skiing, with the snow level around 1000’ all day and continued snow showers for .3” WV and another 3-4” of snow. Winds Monday look like W 30 early, dropping to W 20 by 11am.

The Gorge wind forecast today looks gusty today, with northerly flow screwing up the wind. You’ll be able to find gusty 16-19 today from Hood River eastward. Tomorrow looks like W 17-20 in the Corridor and 22-25 out east. An upper low off the coast will limit Gorge wind on Sunday, but it will become windy Sunday night into Monday morning. Monday brings gusty 22-25 east of The Dalles and gusty 16-19 near Hood River.


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