4/5 Mt. Hood snow/blizzard, Gorge nuclear wind, and work parties

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 April 5, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

Oh yay! There’s exciting stuff to talk about in the forecast. This totally makes my morning! Let’s start with the upcoming trail work party schedule: On Sunday, there’s a work party at the Cascade Locks EasyCLIMB trail. 9:30am. Coming up next weekend, on April 13th, there’s a tree planting party with the HRATS and Hood River County Forestry department. You know how you now ride through a clearcut on Seven Streams? Well, the HRATS talked HRC into letting us replant the 50′ to either side of the stream now! You can even adopt a tree and keep it watered all summer, if you like! So, mark your calendar for next Saturday. Then on Saturday, April 20th, there’s a mega trail work party with the HRATS. We’ll be rerouting the section of 8-Track that runs along the old road.

Moving on to weather, oh boy… it’s exciting! Today’s not… Temps in the Gorge near 50 this morning, rising to the upper 50’s later. Drizzle on and off today, heaviest early and late with a break midday. Gusty west wind at 15-18.

Tomorrow we’ll see temps in the upper 40’s early and upper 50’s late, with drizzle in the afternoon and heavy rain Saturday night. Wind will be W 23-26.

Things get really interesting on Sunday, as an upper level low passes just north of the Gorge and then parks in the desert. Temps will be in the mid-40’s early and upper 40’s late. It’ll rain in the western Gorge all day, but the eastern Gorge will see absolutely nuclear west wind: 35-40+ after 8am. Wish I wasn’t working! The upper low hanging out in the desert may make it super gusty too, but the westerlies will be very, very strong. It’ll be windy in the central Gorge too…

Even more interesting is Monday, when that low stays in the desert and high pressure builds off the coast. Expect steady west wind at 30-35 east of The Dalles, with gusty west wind in the central Gorge.

On Mt. Hood, we’ll see a mix of rain and snow this morning, switching to all snow by 11am. The snow level will be 6000′ early and 5500′ after 11am with SW wind at 35-40. We’ll see .5” water value (WV) during the day, for 2-3” of new, followed by .6-.8” WV overnight, for 4-6” of new. Wind today will be W 40 early and SW 35 after 11am.

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Saturday brings snow flurries all day and heavier snow overnight. The snow level will be 4000′ at 5am and 3000′ after 11am. We’ll see trace amounts during the day, with .9-1.1” WV overnight, for 9-11” of new by Sunday morning. It is possible there will be a brief period of rain between 2am and 5am, which could screw up the snow prediction and the snow quality. Wind Saturday will be SW 35-40 all day.

Sunday looks gnarly on Mt. Hood. When an upper low passes your exposed volcano, you don’t want it just north, because you’ll be in the strongest wind field. That’s the path Sunday’s storm will take, and it shows in the weather models. First, the snow level will be 4000′ early, dropping to 1500′ by 11am. We’ll see .6” WV during the day, for 5-6” of new, followed by another .4-.5” overnight, for 4-5” more. But… the wind will be SW 50-60 early, swinging to WNW 50-60 by 8am, dropping to WNW 50-55 at 11am, and W 45 in the late afternoon.

Monday brings snow flurries with less than .2” WV, for a couple inches of snow. The snow level will be 1500-2000′ all day. Wind will be NW 35-40 early and NNW 30 at 11am.

Have an awesome day today!