4/29 Gorge wind and frost and upcoming events. I bid you adieu for this season, Mt. Hood forecast!

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 April 29, 2013

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Good morning,

Oh look: it rained last night. Figures. I knew it was going to rain, but just in case, I watered my garden. So it rained. But don’t worry: that’s the end of the rain for as far out as the forecast model goes, so there will be plenty of garden-watering this week.

In more interesting news today, there’s a whopping gradient setting up the Gorge for a windy day. It’ll be steadier/better once the front associated with these high clouds moves through, but for now, the gradient is worth mentioning: .17 PDX-DLS and another .10 out east. I know, it’s just a number, but that number will make it windy today: Expect gusty18-23 from Stevenson to Hood River. As the front crosses the Cascades this afternoon, we’ll see 28-32 east of Hood River, with periods of 30-35, with the strongest wind at Doug’s and Maryhill.

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Tomorrow starts off cold (last frost date doesn’t really mean last frost, silly gardeners), with the freezing level around 500-1000′, and enough wind at river level to protect tender plants (which won’t stop me from putting buckets over them tonight). We’ll see west wind at 21-24 in the morning from Stevenson to Mosier, with 24-28 in the afternoon from the Hatchery to Doug’s.

Wednesday and Thursday bring east wind. Looks like the freezing level Wednesday morning will be around 1500′ – I’ve heard a few people expressing concern about a two-day frost warning posted somewhere, but you’ll be fine at river level on Wednesday. I’ll still protect my plants, because they’re my children and I want them to thrive so I can eat them later.

In non-weather news, there’s the Hood River County Trails meeting tomorrow night from 5pm to 7pm at the OSU extension office. It’s a fascinating evening of both intrigue and ennui. Be there. At 5:30 tomorrow, there’s pickup touch rugby at the Hood River Marina. On Wednesday, there’s the women’s mountain bike ride out of Dirty Fingers at 5:30, there’s pickup ultimate at the Marina at 5:30, and there’s sailboat racing at 6:30. Yes, that is also at the marina, and a good thing it is, as racing sailboats in downtown Hood River would be tough.

Finally, mark your calendar for Interesting Mosier, this Saturday at the Mosier School. It’s a series of three-minute TED-style talks on all sorts of topics. It’s bound to be interesting, and it’s only $5, so check out interestingGorge.com for more information.

Have an awesome day today!