4/29 forecast

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 April 29, 2010

Good morning Gorge sports fanatics!

If you like powder, head to Timberline today. It’s 20 degrees and They have 10” of new snow with moderate to strong wind. Meadows is set to reopen on Saturday and Sunday.

If you’re a mountain biker, here’s a quick headsup; There are coyotes living at the bottom of Spaghetti Factory. They’re protecting their dens and pups from intruders, so if you’d like to ride that section of trail, please do not bring your dog along, for both the safety of your dog and the mental health of the coyotes. Also, it’s really muddy in Post Canyon, so for the health of the trail, stay out for a couple of days.

If you promise to stay out of Post, I have a special secret for you. It was announced at the Race Across the Sky movie showing last night that the Whoopdee trail is open again. Thank you a thousand times over to the hard-working bikers who did the labor to reopen that trail. It’s one of the few that’s rideable year-round, so ride it, but be nice to it.

Also, as of yesterday, Dog River was snow free (the snow level was very low last night, so it’s a little questionable today) and the bottom 2/3 of Surveyor’s was clear of downed trees and snow. I tried to go up and check it out yesterday, but got distracted by the morels in Parkdale and then got further distracted by a fledgling great horned owl hanging out with me in the woods.

If you’d like to ride Dog River, ride it today. Tomorrow and Sunday is the Fluidride Enduro, taking place on the Dog River trail.

If you’d like to make a difference in the mountain bike community, tonight is CAMBA’s seasonal meeting at Dog River at 7pm. Also tonight, The Post and Pint ride is called off due to muddy conditions, but social hour at Dirty Fingers is still on.

And you thought there was no wind forecast today… there shouldn’t be after I screwed yesterday’s up so badly, but this one’s an easy one. It’s going to be way windy today. If I were a windsurfer, I’d probably go to The Wall today. If I were a kiter, I think I’d go to Roosevelt.

The morning gradients are at .11, .14 and .37, meaning we’re looking at another big day on the water. Clouds pushed pretty far east last night, out past Hood River somewhere (hey, it’s DARK out – I can’t tell where the cloud line is!), so for the morning, the strongest wind will be at Maryhill and Arlington. We’ll see 28-33 in the desert today, with a chance of winds filling back to Doug’s this afternoon. In the corridor, we’ll have gusty 15-19. Tomorrow brings Corridor westerlies in the 19-23 range.

Geez that’s a long forecast. I’ll probably see you at the CAMBA meeting tonight if I make it back from Portland in time.

Have a great day!


  1. Temira |

    Doug, will do! And thank you for the hot water… my hands were killing me!

  2. Doug Mcdonald |

    T.It was a pleasure sailing with you at the wall today,warming your’ hands was a bonus.Thank you for the very difficult task of calling the shots,being so dedicated,and being forgiving.After all it is only wind.

    ..Any time you have a friend who says there is a shortage of intimate guys,who might fit my energy,you know where to find me.regards Doug 509-281-0156