4/27 Mt. Hood swimming, Gorge wind-skipping, and lots of mountain and road biking news.

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 April 27, 2013

Thank you for using this forecast! Your donations keep this forecast going – despite rumors to the contrary, nobody pays me to write this and post it. This forecast started as a way for me to find better windsurfing conditions. It morphed into a way for me to find better skiing in the winter. Seemed silly to keep that information to myself, so it’s here for you (almost) every day. Make a $12 or larger donation, and you’re on the email list for a year. No dealing with the twice-yearly pledge drive. Sometimes I even have prizes to give away from the email list sponsors. Thank you again for your support! Enjoy the snow and wind and sun!

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

Just two more days of this 4am stuff. Then, sadly for you, I will sleep in and your forecast will come later. But I will be more rested, and possibly more entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, mark your calendars for Interesting on May 4th. Lots of 3 minute talks by cool people. Think of it as Ted talks for the ADD crowd. You’ll love it, I promise. Mosier School. 2 shows: 2pm and 7pm.

I have a very important announcement this morning: The new Whoopdee Trail climb is done. Yes, that’s right. It’s done. Some of you may not know how this trail was built. I’ll tell you. Steve Dunn made it happen by talking to the landowners and using his own personal trail machine to build it. Yes, he had other volunteer help, but the vast majority of the work was his time, his gas money, and his machine repairs. If you want to thank him for making this awesome trail, please take the time to send a note to HoodRiverDunn@gmail.com. That’s also his PayPal account, if you’d like to make a donation.

That said, we’ll move on to work parties. There’s one at 9am today at the White Salmon Bike Park. There’s also a WTA work party today and tomorrow at Syncline at 8:30. Join the rattlesnakes, ticks and wildflowers for a lovely day giving back to your trails. In bike racing and riding news, the Hammerheads leave Ground Coffee at 9am for hammering today, the Tri Club leaves 10 Speed for 100 miles at 8am tomorrow, the Deschutes River Time Trial Festival starts today, and the Bear Springs Trap mountain bike race is tomorrow.

In your wind forecast for the next few days, it’s going to be quite windy. Today starts with westerlies at 15-18 through much of the Gorge, picking up to gusty 26-30 all the way to Arlington this afternoon. It’s quite likely that the windiest, steadiest wind today will be at Stevenson. Sunday sees low clouds push deeper into the Gorge as a weather system approaches. We’ll see west wind at 15-18 near Hood River, with gusty 23-26 east of Mosier in the morning with 28-32 from Maryhill to Arlington in the afternoon.

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As that weather system crosses the Cascades Sunday night and high pressure builds in, we’ll see very strong westerlies on Monday. Expect gusty 18-21 with low clouds and rain in the western Gorge, with sunshine and 30-35mph wind east of The Dalles from mid-morning on. Tuesday marks a return to light wind and sunny weather.

In straight-up weather news, we’ll see temps climb into the 70’s today, into the upper 60’s tomorrow, and the mid-50’s on Monday. Watch for frost (f**k) on Tuesday morning – I see a large ReMay purchase in my future between now and then…

On the mountain, we’ll see sunshine today with W wind at 25-30 and the freezing level at 12,000. Tomorrow sees some mist, sprinkles and low clouds in the morning. The freezing level will be 6500′ early, 5500′ midday and 10,000′ in the afternoon. Wind will be WNW 25 all day. Monday looks crappy on the mountain, with rain turning to snow and 50mph wind. And that marks the end of your Mt. Hood forecast until next weekend. =)

Have an awesome day today!