4/24 Mt. Hood corn snow, coast ripping wind, Gorge wind, and cool stuff to do tonight.

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 April 24, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning,

First thing this morning is a shoutout to all the ski industry folks in town for the annual PNSAA meeting. Welcome to Hood River, everyone! Hopefully all of you guys can sneak out and enjoy some of the great non-snow-related outdoors stuff we have around here! Also, a warning to the rest of you. Those PNSAA people know how to party – they kept me up ‘til almost 3am, and you know that I usually get up at 4am, so… beware…

In the “can I spray my orchard?” report today, we’ll have light east wind early picking up to 23-26 at Stevenson mid-morning, and then dying quickly and glassing off everywhere in the afternoon. Yay, standup paddling! Tomorrow starts with west wind at 10-15, picking up to gusty 23-26 in the afternoon as a weak weather system brushes the Gorge. We’ll see west wind at 21-24 on Friday and stronger westerlies Saturday. The coast continues going off through Thursday, with a long-period, but small, south swell moving in.

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On the mountain, we’ll see the freezing level rise to 11,000 today, and stay there through Friday under clear sky the whole time. Looks like a pretty awesome corn snow cycle setting up! Wind today will be east 15 early and W 10 in the afternoon. Wind Thursday and Friday will be NW 20. Saturday looks windier and partly cloudy.

If you’re looking for stuff to do tonight, there are lots of choices. There’s pickup touch rugby at Henkle Middle School at 3pm, there’s the women’s mountain bike ride leaving Dirty Fingers at 5:30pm, there’s pickup Ultimate Frisbee at 5:30 at the Hood River Marina, and there’s also sailboat racing out of the Hood River marina this evening.

My pick for tonight is the documentary Women in Dirt, about female landscape architects. I actually don’t know anything about this film, but 1) it’s at the arts center, which we should all support, 2) it’s about plants, and 3) it’s about women making beautiful things with plants. So, I’m going.

Looking ahead to the weekend, the White Salmon Bike Park has a green light for the park work to resume and a work party on Saturday at 9am, and WTA has a trail work party at Syncline at 8:30 Saturday and Sunday. If you’re a hammerhead bike racer, there’s the 8am crazy-man road ride and if you’re just a normal (or semi-normal) person, there’s pickup touch rugby in Mosier at 3pm.

Have an awesome day today!