4/24 Forecast

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 April 24, 2010

Good morning!

Up on Mt. Hood this morning, it’s cloudy and chilly windy. There’s
just riding going on at T-line, but over at Meadows, it’s the sno-Kona
pond skim, where costumed people slide across 90 feet of ice water to
win prizes. It’s going to be a mighty chilly pond-skim today, with
below-freezing temperatures and windy conditions forecast all day.
It’s currently 25 degrees at the base. Brrrrrrrrrr…. The skiing,
however, should be good if you have carving skis. There were extremely
high winds this morning, but at this point, everything but Cascade and
Vista will run, but they’ll run slowly.

If you’d prefer to be on the water today, you’re heading east, unless
you like gusty 14-17. Out east, we’ll have 19-24 or so.. This is
post-frontal wind, so it’s going to be gusty and holey. Two good
things: the wind should blow almost all day, and it’ll blow from
Stevenson out to Arlington.

A better bet might be to join the annual Post Canyon cleanup starting
at 9am in Post. This is your chance to give back to your bike trail.
If you’d prefer to help out on a beach, there’s the Arbor Day
celebration at Hood River’s waterfront park today, where you can help
weed the plantings and adopt a bit of the park as your own.

For road bikers, there are two good events today: The Cherry Blossom
Classic Orchard circuit goes off in The Dalles – if you’re a pro
you’re riding 73 miles and doing 7500 feet of climbing. In Maupin,
it’s the Descutes River Valley Time Trial.

If you’re a big weather dork and you’d like to make a big difference
in NOAA’s weather reporting, there’s a weather spotter training in
Parkdale on Monday. The training is free, and it lets you call NOAA
and talk to someone who gives a damn about crazy weather 24-7. No,
this is not a crisis hotline, but it’s still fun to be a part of it.
7-8:30pm at the Parkdale Fire Station, Monday.

That’s it for today, whatever you do today, have an awesome day!

(I’d better get back to work now)