4/23 Forecast

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 April 23, 2011

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Good morning!

Mountain Weather Forecast

Today looks sunny and clear with light winds and a chance of some high clouds late in the day. The temp at 5000’ will rise into the low 40’s.

Tomorrow looks snowy. The snow level will be at 5500’ early, falling to 3000’ by 11am and bumping up a bit to 4000’ by 4pm. Winds will be W 10-15 early, building to WSW 25-30 by 2pm. Total daytime precip will be .3-.4”, for 3-4” of new snow and a slight chance of some sprinkles early. Another .2” will fall by Monday morning for another 2-3” of new.

Monday looks very snowy with the snow level at 3500’. We’ll see .7” WV during the day, for 6-8” of new. Another .3” will fall overnight. Winds will be WSW 20-25 early, going to W 20-30 by 2pm and increasing to W 30-40 by 4pm.

Tuesday looks colder, but models are all over the place with precip. The most likely scenario is light flurries in the morning with some clearing in the afternoon. Winds will be WNW 30ish early, falling to 15-20 by 11am.

Wednesday looks very snowy, with strong wind in the afternoon.

Gorge Wind Forecast

The windsurfing and kiting forecast keeps getting worse, with today bring easterlies in
the 17-21 range, strongest in the morning. Tomorrow brings light west wind, with gusty
13-16 out in the desert. It was looking like Monday was going to be a huge west wind
day, but it’s starting to look like that might come in after dark on Monday. We’ll have to
wait a day or two and see how the models shake out.
Other stuff

Today is Earth Day work party day in the Gorge. Check out CGEC.org for work parties,
or head to the Hood River Waterfront Park for a weeding party complete with coffee and
cookies, head to the Union Street power station for a work party on the Indian Creek trail,
or head to the bottom of seven streams for another Post Canyon work party. All those
work parties are done at noon.


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