Earth Day Wind Forecast

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 April 22, 2010

Good morning and happy earth day!

Since it’s Earth day today, just for one day, try carpooling to your preferred play spot, or pick up a ski green tag if you’re headed to the mountain. You can pick up those ski green tags for just $2, or you can purchase a yearly tag for $20 next season. Those little tags represent carbon offsets for your drive to Mt. Hood (well, they represent 150 miles worth, so two trips if you’re from the Gorge) On Hood, it’s clear, cold and windy this morning, but will be corn snow and spring skiing by afternoon.

If you like wind, find your earth day carpool partner and get ready for a big day on the Columbia. The early gradient from Portland to The Dalles was at .17, and that’s a huge start. There’s also .11 out east, meaning you could probably sail or kite anywhere you want today. I’m just saying the best call is the Hatchery (other than the SR 14 closure and detour through White Salmon).

Models suggest the strongest wind will be early, so buck up and deal with the early chill, because we’re going to see 28-32 at the Hatchery, and a little less at the sandbar and spots farther east (or west), until early afternoon. After that, high pressure starts to fill in across the Cascades, and the wind will drop off a bit.

Tomorrow starts off light, but an approaching front brings 17-20 to Stevenson and Hood River by late afternoon. Those light to moderate west winds continue on Saturday morning. High pressure rebuilds Sunday, but it’s not yet clear if it will cross the Cascades and kill the wind or stay west and drive the westerlies.

If you like watching kiting, come check out the premier of North Kiteboarding’s new movie, Behind the Scenes at the Skylight theatre tonight! Two showings: the first is at 6:30, the second, I believe, is at 8pm, way past my bedtime.

If you’re a mountain biker, once again, it’s great out there, and tonight’s the Post and Pint ride out of Dirty Fingers. Mitchell gives me tons of trail information, so support him by joining his shop ride tonight. Or just show up for the shop ride and free pint afterwards (yes, that’s why it’s called Post and PINT). Meet at Dirty Fingers at 5:30 for the hot lap.

Have an awesome day today!



  1. Monique Anderson |

    Hey T- Glad you are feeling better enough now to get out sailing! Your voice was sounding like you were illin’ for awhile there. (on the radio)

    I wanted to send a reminder about the Cherry Blossom Classic this weekend in the Dalles. Starts tomorrow… (crit in the downtown on Sunday with tons of Uber fit shaved legs to look at…should be fun!)

    Also I have a new website I thought you’d like…I guess some youngsters (everyone is younger then me I think!) from OSU built this tool for mapping bike routes, and adding GPS stuff.

    It is SWEET!!!!!

    Check it out…

    See it in action on the Cherry Blossom site:
    (Scroll over the elevations and it shows you the location at the same time on the map…pretty bitchin’)
    Would be cool on your site…

    Also you need something like this on your site… (webcams in the sidebar…) Easy to add to your site…I could help you out.

    Alrighty…later days…MOE

  2. jeff blackman |

    Post Canyon clean up Sat. 930-noon bottom of post canyon road where the pavement meets the gravel. Jeff 541-806-0505