4/21 Forecast

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 April 21, 2010

Good morning everyone!

Up on the mountain, it’s raining and snowing this morning, and I think it’s cool that they report that. It’s 24 degrees at T-line with 3” of new, and it’s 29 at Meadows with no new down low and a few inches up high. It’s also inverted, unless the new temp sensor at Meadows is wrong, as it’s reading 36 up top. And… it’s blowing 15-30 up there.

The wind on the Columbia today stays a bit gusty and cold, as clouds and unsettled weather affect the wind. Morning gradients are at .19 and .11, which is pretty much huge and massive and ginormous, and it’s blowing 35 at Doug’s already. I think we’ll see 30ish all day from Mosier to Arlington, with gustier low twenties from Stevenson down to the Sandbar. If high pressure builds in early enough, we could see the Corridor kick in hard as well. Most likely you’re waiting ‘til tomorrow for the elusive early-season Hatchery day.

High pressure and sunshine are the story tomorrow, with the north pacific high setting up a steady corridor day for kiting and windsurfing. We’ll start off with low twenties, and build to 25-28 averages by midday from Stevenson to Doug’s.

At the coast, it’s 20-25 knots today and tomorrow with a 10-12 foot swell. It looks pretty much epic on the North Coast, and pretty much damned good further south. Can’t wait to see the photos from Dana and Trudy!

In biking world, it’s perfect out there, and don’t forget that tomorrow’s the Post and Pint out of Dirty Fingers Bike Repair!

Boaters, the Hood’s at 4.4 feet, the White Salmon’s at 4.4 feet, and the little White’s at 754 cfs. And don’t forget, tonight is the shop paddle out of the Kayak Shed. Meet the gang at 4:30 in front of the shop.

Have an awesome day today!