4/19 Mt. Hood rain/snow, Gorge wind/no wind, and lots of events

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 April 19, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

It’s a nice, wet day on Mt. Hood, and I’ll be sitting in my office watching the rain fall. Feel free to come up and keep me company!

Guess that means we’re starting with the Mt. Hood forecast: Rain this morning turns to snow this afternoon, as the snow level drops from 6500′ this morning to 5500′ this afternoon. Total rainfall: 1-1.5”, with a chance of 1-3” of snow overnight (unlikely). Wind will increase to W 45 by 10am, becoming WNW 40-50 by 2pm.

Tomorrow brings orographic snow flurries on Mt. Hood with sunbreaks. The snow level will be 2500′ all day. No accumulation. Wind NW 30, dropping to 20-25 midday. Sunday looks sunny, with the freezing level at 1500′ early and 3000′ in the afternoon with NW wind at 20mph.

In Gorge weather, we’ll see low 50’s this morning and mid 50’s this afternoon, with heavy rain through noon and sprinkles later. Wind will be W 15-18 all day in the central Gorge, picking up to 30+ east of Lyle this afternoon.

Tomorrow looks partly cloudy, becoming clear. Temps will be in the mid 40’s early and mid 50’s late. Wind will be W 15-18 in the morning, picking up to steady 27-31 from Mosier to Maryhill in the afternoon.

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Sunday looks clear, with frost possible above 1000′. Temps at river level will be in the mid 40’s early and low 60’s in the afternoon, with west wind at 10-15 early and 17-21 late. Monday-Thursday look sunny, with warm temps in the afternoon. However, on Monday, at least, we’ll likely see frost down to river level.

In events, it’s way super busy this weekend due to Earth Day, as everyone wants to get in on the Earth Day action. Two running races: Angela Coe in Cascade Locks and the Trout Lake Run. Many work parties on Saturday: HRATS at Post Canyon, meeting at Family Man at 8:30am. Hood River Waterfront Park at 9am. Riverkeeper meeting at the Discovery Center at 10am. CGKA at Viento at 9am. On Sunday, Windance hosts the first swap meet of the season. There’s the Cherry of a Ride road ride benefiting St. Mary’s. And there’s the uphill/downhill race at Meadows.

Have an awesome day today!