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 April 16, 2010

Good morning!

This morning on Mt Hood, it’s clear skies everywhere. At Timberline, it’s 42 degrees, with no new snow and a 160” base. At Meadows, it’s 38 degrees, with no new and a 130” base. It is 36 degrees at Skibowl, with a 62” base, and they are open from 9am to 10pm today. Don’t forget that Sunday is ski free customer appreciation day at Skibowl! That’s always a fun day… it’s not super crowded, and you can use Skibowl’s lifts to access the backcountry skiing off Tom, Dick and Harry peaks. Plus, they have the best nachos in the world (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) Super fun stuff. Make sure you ski with a partner if the lift-serve BC is your plan. Best chance for new snow is Monday… cross your fingers…

In mountain bike land, yesterday’s Post and Pint was called off due to muddy conditions in Post, so let Post dry out for a couple of days or Ranger Jimmy T will have your head. Coming up this weekend in bike world, it’s Charley LaVenture trail day in Post and the supercommuter bike race in Hood River on Saturday, and on Sunday, get your road bike out for the Cherry of a Ride road ride in the Dalles to benefit St. Mary’s Academy. There are routes from 30 to 100 miles (strangely enough, I was asked to promote this as a fun, recreational, family ride…) through the orchards in The Dalles.

Best chance for wind in the next couple of days is this afternoon after a shortwave crosses the Gorge. We’ll see gusty 17-20 in the corridor in the late afternoon for a couple of hours, and then the wind will shift out to Arlington late in the evening. As of now, the weekend looks light. Don’t forget the all-sports swap meet at Windance on Sunday.

That’s it for today for more information about the events, check out the calendar at TheGorgeismyGym.com (shameless self-promotion).

Have a great day today!



  1. Temira |

    Hi Denise,

    Thanks for the comment. I have forwarded your question on to Jim Thornton, the ranger, and will let you know what he says. Thank you for taking care of the trails! It makes me sad that the vast majority of people don’t take the same long-term view of trail use.


  2. Denise Wells |

    Hi Temira!
    We do a great deal of trail running and mountain biking at Post Canyon because it is essentially in our back yard. I’ve looked to see if we make any impact on the trails by foot, but so far have not seen much impact at all. We often only go on rainy days to avoid running into mountain bikes with our dogs. Anyway, when the trails are muddy up higher, like where Riordan and Post Canyon converge, there are often people riding motorcycles and really destroying the trails that are designated multi-use. I mean really destroying them, sometimes deliberately. Since we are up there so much I’ve have a chance to observe it. Does the ranger also stop them from riding on muddy days? Should we report it? Should we not be up there on muddy days also?
    Wondering if you have any info.