4/16 forecast

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 April 16, 2011

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Good morning!

This is the kind of forecast that isn’t fun to write.

It’s raining on Mt. Hood this morning. Well, technically, it’s rain at 5000’ and freezing rain around 6500’. The rain will continue through noon or so, and the snow level will be dropping as the day goes on. The snow level will drop to 5000’ by 11am and slowly fall to 2000’ by 11pm. Models say we’ll see less than .25” of rain, but the front is stalled directly over top of Mt. Hood, meaning we could see double that. Along with the delightful precipitation, we’ll have winds at W 30-40 early, dropping to W 25-35 by 2pm.

Start praying for sun tomorrow, because the temperature will drop overnight with no new snow, leaving us with the free air freezing level at 500’ and a skating rink on the slopes. The weather tomorrow will be partly cloudy to sunny, with NW wind at 20-30 in the morning, dropping to 15-20 by 11am.

Monday looks sunny and cold. The snow level will be at 1000’ early, rising to 3000’ in the afternoon, with hopefully enough solar radiation to corn up the slopes. Clouds and flurries will move in by 4pm, for less than an inch of new. The wind will be NW 15-25.

Tuesday looks partly cloudy, becoming sunny, with the free air freezing level at 500’, rising in the afternoon with sunshine. The wind will be NW 10-20.

Today is the Post Canyon cleanup from 9am-noon, so head to the bottom of Post Canyon road to give back to your favorite trail.

If you’d like to windsurf or kite, you’ll find 17-20 east of The Dalles today, with light, gusty westerlies in the Corridor. If you’re going out, remember that all the rivers are high and there will be lots of flotsam in the water. Be careful out there. Westerlies continue tomorrow with 17-20 near Hood River. Same goes on Monday.

Have a great day today!


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