4/13 forecast

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 April 13, 2010

Good morning everyone!

Up on Hood this morning, it’s 31 degrees at Meadows, with no new snow, mostly cloudy skies, and a 135” base. Over at T-line, it’s mostly cloudy with no new and a 162” base. Skibowl is closed, but will be open Thursday night for night skiing and nachos. Did you know that their nacho recipe actually says, “make them as big as possible.” True story… I swear… I met the guy who wrote the recipe one day. He was riding Mt. Hood Express at Meadows. There’s some sort of irony in that, I suppose. It would have been more ironic had I met him eating nachos at Meadows. Anyway, he told me about the recipe, and I told him he’s my hero.

On the river today, expect enough wind out east to power a kite or a big sail. Morning gradients of .06 and .04 will pick up a bit later as a low rotates over Vancouver Island. We’ll see 16-19 westerlies this morning followed by 22-26 out east later on. Steadiest wind will be at Arlington and Roosevelt, but it’s not going to be super steady or reliable. Tomorrow looks quite light.

In mountain bike land, it’s muddy in Post, so wait until tomorrow if you can. Syncline is good, and Hospital is good, although a little influenced by cows. If you’re going to Hospital, please respect the Kreps’ wishes and do not take your dog, or you’ll get us all banned for the duration of cow season.

Coming up Saturday, we’ll have Charley Laventure trail day at Post, in memory of our friend Charley. 9am. Snacks provided by Dog River coffee.

If you’re a boater, the Hood’s at 4 feet, the White Salmon’s at 4.1 feet, and the Little White’s at 745 cfs.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!