4/12 Mt. Hood snow, Gorge wind, and upcoming events.

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 April 12, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

Awesome news this morning courtesy of Janice T: ODOT will start repaving Highway 35 between Neal Creek Road and the Mt. Hood Ranger station on April 15th. That sucks if you have to commute along that section of road, but it’s fantastic news if you’re tired of riding ¾ minus chip seal on your bike. Hooray, ODOT!

Next, don’t forget about the Seven Streams tree planting party tomorrow morning at 9am. Meet at the bottom of Post Canyon Road. Bring a shovel and gloves. In other weekend news, tomorrow is the Ski to Defeat ALS at Mt. Hood Meadows. Sunday is Ski Free day at Skibowl. Just show up, and they’ll hand you a ticket, and you can ride for free. Park at Skibowl West for the best terrain and best nearby nachos.

Third, if you like the Whoopdee Trail, here’s your chance to help. Steve Dunn needs helpers today, Sunday, and midweek afternoons for the next three weeks to … FINISH … the Whoopdee trail. No experience required. Monetary donations are also accepted. Please contact him at hoodriverdunn@gmail.com to volunteer your time or resources.

In weather news, spring/summer/warm weather is now officially on vacation. Gorge weather starts with mid 30’s today, rising to upper 40’s this afternoon under clear sky that becomes overcast midday. Wind will be light until noon or so, then picking up to gusty 24-27, steadiest at Stevenson and Arlington, but probably not worth the drive way out east.

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Tomorrow brings our first dawn patrol of the season, likely 30-35 from Mosier to Doug’s. The wind fills in to 28-32+ from Doug’s to Arlington by late morning. Temps will be in the low 30’s early and mid 40’s late. If the sky clears overnight, expect frost in the upper valley. If it doesn’t, expect snow flurries in the upper valley with sunbreaks all day. The central Gorge will likely be partly cloudy all day, with a few sprinkles.

Sunday looks partly cloudy in the central Gorge with sun out east. Temps will be in the low 30’s early and mid-40’s late, with frost in the upper valley. It will be windy east of Hood River, but we’ll have to wait a day to see just how strong. Monday looks similar to Sunday.

On Mt. Hood today, we’ll have sunshine to start, overcast sky midday and sprinkles/freezing rain starting around 5pm. The snow level will be 4000′ early, 6500′ mid-morning, 7000′ in the evening, and 5000′ at 11pm, falling to 500′ by Saturday morning. Brrr. We’ll see .3-.5” water value (WV) after 5pm, for 1-2” of new snow, at best, but likely just a trace. Wind will be W 10 early, SW 20 late morning, and W 35-40 after 5pm.

Saturday sees orographic snow flurries all day. The snow level will be at 500-1000′, with .2-.3” WV during the day, for a couple inches of new snow. Another .2-.4” WV will fall after 5pm, for another 2-4” by Sunday morning. Wind Saturday will be WNW 45-50 early, dropping to WNW 35-40 mid-morning and holding.

Sunday starts clear, with orographic flurries possible, and heavier snowfall after 5pm. The snow level will be 1000′ early and 1500′ in the evening. We’ll see .3-.5” WV overnight, for 3-5” by Monday morning. Wind Sunday will be NW 25-30 early, 20-25 mid-morning, and 10-15 in the late afternoon.

Have an awesome day today!